My family’s refugee status would slightly take longer than expected. A little over a month and after almost five applications with various real estate agencies (from the fruit of a hooker to ray’s one and only 🙂 if this phrase makes any sense) it has been failure after failure.

They say patience is a virtue but I did not come here just to spend my time inspecting one house after another and just be rejected and rejected again and rejected again. These real estate agents have their reasons for declining our application. We are a returning temporary resident here in Australia and the almost a year stay in New South Wales was not enough to satisfy any property manager’s standard.  This made me think, if I were an ex convict trying to start anew–it would be very hard to start over again-clean–do you get my point?

I’ve learned from almost a month of filling up application after application and asking people here the following:

  • Rental cost have increased after we left Australia in 2004: Reason varied from the increase in Australia’s mining industry to economic losses???.
  • Most real estate agent/owner would likely prefer tenants who are single status compared to a family: They argue that children would likely increase the deterioration of the property–there’s an observation that even a couple with a single child will deteriorate a house three times more than a tenant who is/are single in civil status (well, I think this is true with most of the kids proving to be a true personification of Dennis the Menace)–Man, my girls are not like that, they will not tear down your house just like that and you have the security bond anyway, what’s that for?
  • “Real Estate Agents Knows Best” and they are true to this and have been dictating to us how we should live–that we must live in a three bedroom house when in fact we’ve lived in a one bedroom house in Bangkok and even in the Quezon City in the past six years!–Consequently, we’ve been trying to adjust our budget to meet the demands of these mighty, all knowing real estate agents.
  • It doesn’t matter if you can pay regularly the rent, each application is a point system, if you have a car that earns you big points, a local licence will also earn you as much as 50 points.
  • Might as well buy a house rather than rent–this is the only time that real estate agents will take attention

If you’re a newbie nowadays here in Australia and will rent a house, prepare for a battle with other tenancy applicants as one tries to outbid the other. This development further pushes the rental market prices to an average of Aus$270 for a three bedroom house in a decent suburb.

A colleague of mine was so desperate that he grabbed (and was lucky enough to get the property) the opportunity to rent a Aus$220 one bedroom unit, although one ride from the Uni but still far off. He has a wife and a two year old son.

As for myself, despite having a number of personal references (from WA to NSW) and a letter from the University expressing my regular financial support this isn’t enough. One agent told me, “oh we’re not like other real estate agents–they could be very greedy.”

Greedy, indeed, is the word and they are trying to push the market higher and higher until Australia registers its first few hundreds of homeless families. I hope we will not be one of them. 😦


5 thoughts on “House

  1. sorry to hear about your house-hunting dilemma.

    whereabouts in Perth are you? I have a close friend there who works for a local council. if you are desperate, i can try hook you up with her, she may be able to help you.

  2. Oh, that’s a tough situation. I hope you can resolve it soon.

    Wishing you much luck.

  3. Real estate agents are useless – especially here in the UK! I feel for you, but what other options do you have? A$220 is not bad, eh? Hopefully you’ll get the accommodation you deserve sometime soon. Best of luck!

    Your Love Coach

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