Almost a month

I thought I’ll never get out of this nightmare but I’m glad I’m sitting down again (did I ever stood up???) in front of the computer and trying to relax my almost burnt out mind….

There’s just too many stress that came just as my blog turned 1. Tonight I’m close to finishing one consultancy report and there’s another one on the line, which should not be a problem (hmm… am I sensing procrastination there?? naaah… I’m well aware so I will not wear. 🙂 ).
Our stress in finding a house here in WA was slightly dampened when we bought a car. Well, it made viewing properties a bit easier for me and my wife.


Before having the car, we have to go separate ways especially when the schedule of viewing a property is so close to each other. Here in Australia, catching the bus is not as easy as just flagging it down anywhere in EDSA. You have to be at the bus stop at the right time or you’ll wait for a long time or worst, wait for nothing.

When applying for a tenancy here in Australia, one of the first information you have to fill up in the tenancy application is your car type and registration. So, I was confident that it won’t be long when we’ll finally secure a house to rent. But I was wrong, it was the same old story, rejection after rejection. I was told recently not to get too personal and I’m not but the fact is there’s just too many people coming in to WA more so here in Perth.

I was close to biting Alma‘s offer but I was just too confident that we’ll be able to secure one (and I’m a bit shy to ask for help. 🙂 ). Well, the good news is, we’ve finally secured a duplex house! It was a blessing well placed for us. My wife loves the presentation of the house. We didn’t get it through an agent though. 🙂 A colleague of mine introduced me to her landlady who happens to have a property about to be vacated. So, last week we drove past the property and viewed it last Saturday and we were assured this week that after all the legal requirements for the exit of the previous tenants are settled we can move in in two to three weeks time. 🙂

We’re just blessed that we’re staying with a friend that we can just relax and wait for the time to move in to come. I was telling my supervisors that “that’s one stress out now I can concentrate on the stress that I should be having here–my studies!” 🙂

Thanks to Massa P., Joy, Alma and to all blogkada that visited blogbastic! News blogging will resume in a moment. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Almost a month

  1. Well done on your new car. It must be hard being rejected trying to get a property to let. Is that really the case there? Good thing you’ve got a friend to stay in. Hope it gets sorted soon mate.

  2. glad to hear you have finally found a house to move into. a car is really more of a necessity here in Oz. it’s just too hard to move around using public transport.

    ayan, e di madalas ng maa-update itong blogbastic mo… 🙂

  3. blogOloco: Thanks! I was close to taking each rejection personal but it just so happen that we’ve arrived here when the economy is booming and almost everybody’s coming in to find work and, yes, house. We’re moving in to our “new” house in two to three weeks! 🙂

    Alma: Thanks Alma! it sure nice to finally have transpo service unlike before when I first arrived here in Oz back in 2004. Hopefully, tuloy-tuloy na ulit ang pagiging blogbastic! 🙂

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