My Workplace (Another Tag Game)

Got tagged by Chuckie a few weeks ago (pasensya na Chuckie). Took me a while to answer back as I keep forgetting my my camera. Well, as most of you have read in Chuck’s entry, this tag game is quite simple, just post a photo of your work place and that’s it. However, for me it took me a while, as aside from the forgetfulness alibi, I still don’t have a permanent work place at the Uni.

So, in short, not only did I need to address our being NPAs but I also have to settle my permanent work place. Anyway, here are photos of my work place, the trailer trash!

My work place

Well, the trailer trash, as most of my colleagues call our office, is my permanent place of work, however, I don’t have a table of my own so, I’m squatting from one table to another, i.e., whenever one of my colleagues is out of the country or out of town data gathering, which usually last from a few weeks to a few months. This is the table where I’ve stayed the longest–one month but the “real” owner is coming in a few weeks. On to the next table otherwise it’s the library for me. 🙂 Well, that’s life and that’s Pinoy, we adjust to our environment and still work with flying colors.

So, that’s it. I tag Jonas, Ivy, Czille, Ayie and Elaine. Take it away friendsters! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Workplace (Another Tag Game)

  1. Uy! Finally! You answered my meme! Hehehe! Well, at least your workplace isn’t cluttered with junk! That’s the brightside of it… I guess! 😛

  2. erm, asa australia ka na pala, hanu ba, ang kulit ko, hehe

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