Quick to the terror, slow to the accident

Philippine National Police Chief Avelino Razon recently confirmed that their American and Australian counterparts ruled out bomb blast in the Glorietta 2 blast this October.

I didn’t blog about the event but I do feel for all those who were directly and indirectly affected by this accident. However, the careless comments from various Philippine authorities led to a number of confusion, which led the media to a roller coaster ride–one time the headline said that it was confirmed that it was a terrorist attack, another time it was possibly an accident and so on. This happened after the bribery of several local government executives and before the eventual pardon and release of Erap. So, was this incident intentional and that there was a big deal of motive for the government to sponsor it?

I sensed something fishy over the quick comments of authorities that it was a terrorist attack. They were never quick to surmise that the Super Ferry bombing off Manila’s coast was a terrorist attack. However, Trillanes came in and said that Glorietta blast was a work of the the military! Now, will Razon’s announcement and resignation to the fact that this was indeed an accident have something to do with Trillanes’ pronouncement (you know to humiliate him?? hmm… conspiracy theory… 🙂 ).

Well, sorry to disappoint conspiracy theorists but two independent experts confirmed that it was one of the worst industrial accident the Philippines.

Glorietta blast


2 thoughts on “Quick to the terror, slow to the accident

  1. I just hope they’re not saying these things so as to avoid looking like an incompetent department.

  2. I hope they aren’t, Chuck, I hope they aren’t.

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