Going blind… (on one eye)

Well, God willing, it will be only temporary albeit for a few months.

I recently consulted a General Physician due to some black spots that I’ve been seeing for about a week now. Apparently, I got it while driving without my sunnies on. The after image was gone about after five minutes right after I unintentionally looked at the sun’s reflection in another car. The following day, the after image appeared again and I was having a hard time reading or writing as my vision is impaired. So, I consulted the GP, who referred me to an ophthalmologist after finding no apparent abnormality.

The ophthalmologist’s examined my right eye and said that I have a Central serous retinopathy (CSR), also known as central serous chorioretinopathy (CSC). Everybody has it for no reason at all, the doctor said. But as I’ve read, it only happens with male aged between 20 to 50 and likely with “type A personality.” The usual attributed causes of CSR is stress.

Indeed, I’m in a bit of stress these past few days trying to catch up with various writing deadlines that I’ve almost slipped out of my regular “stress-relieving activity”–blogging. Anyway, I still hope that this will only be temporary but one thing is certain now, driving at night will be harder than usual. Although, one way I manage my CSR is by winking more often so to freshen up my right eye–though I don’t do it while walking lest I get a slap from women or men that I come across. 🙂

By the way, fruityoaty‘s back and she’s made it in the semi-finals round of this year’s Philippine Web Awards, blog category along with other heavy weights-Yuga, etc. :). So, register and nominate her or Yuga if you will 🙂


8 thoughts on “Going blind… (on one eye)

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  3. hi jim…hmmm…i think i’ll have myself checked again coz I have the same symptoms…well, i know i have been having poor vision on my right eye for years…m literally half blind nga rin….i wear contacts now and eyeglasses before…

    thanks for this article…:) hope we all get well soon….

  4. hi kristine… sana hindi, dahil contacts or eyeglasses won’t make a difference with CSR, it’s a blind spot you have to live with. God bless us and yes, hope we all get well soon. 🙂

  5. My Dad has an eye condition like that… When he gets extremely stressed out, something will burst in his eyes and a get a blood clot… It’s happened twice.

  6. sorry to hear about that, how does your father deal with it? did the doctors had to do anything re his condition? I suppose your father’s well now and seeing better?

  7. oh my! if i’m reading you right, i’d better consult with an opthalmologist soon. i do experience these black spots sometimes, usually after extended periods of looking into light (reflected from light curing unit, examination lamp, etc). it’s transient, though, so i never really bothered checking.

  8. Mismo doc. better act on it sooner. mas maganda yata prognosis kapag maaga nadetect. regards!

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