There are a lot of news here Down Under, however, I’m off to a conference in Melbourne. The hotel internet cost is outrageously high, so I’m writing this in one of the internet cafes here in St. Kilda. Melbourne is a nice cool (literally, it’s about 19 degrees now) city.

It’s a pity, I wasn’t able to catch up with Alma (wasn’t able to inform her anyway). Well, it’s been a busy five days for me here. Off to Perth this Friday evening.

Now, here’s the twin tower for your indulgence. 🙂 Just shaved my hair last Saturday to save money for my three years stay here.

At St. Kilda Beach


4 thoughts on “Melbourne

  1. haha. ayos Jim ah. so after 3 years ng stay mo dyan, long hair ka na. post ka uli ng pictures para may before and after. i met a nice couple from Adelaide nung trip namin sa Vietnam. ang bait na mga tao. Also two friends from Sydney. Parang ang daming Aussie ang nagtatravel ngayon sa SE Asia. goodluck sa onference mo sa Melbourne.

  2. 🙂 ayos ba?! actually, bumili ako ng barber’s kit para asawa ko ang maggupit sa akin kaya lang ahit lang nang ahit. Most people here are nice especially the old ones may few young nice people din. 🙂 ayos naman ang Melbourne conference pero ‘di masyado nakapamasyal but the conference was worth it. 🙂

  3. haha! looking good huh? 😀
    mas mahirap kayang alagaan ang skinhead. every week or so, you’ll have to check if the hair hasn’t grown long enough, at baka mapagkamalan kang may tipos. 😛

  4. salamat sa tip. 🙂 kaya nga bumili na ako ng barber’s kit para tabas na lang ng tabas. 🙂

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