Media trends in Australia, Philippines and Thailand

Just a quick observation of the general media trends in the three countries that I’ve been based in. I can say that as to balanced programming, by and large, Australia might be on the right track but this is just a quick assessment. 🙂 So, here’s what to expect with media outlets in each country.

I might not be an authority on this now but as far as I can remember news tend to be “crowded” with entertainment news. First thing in the morning, there might be morning shows on TV, this will be followed by talk shows with topics ranging from personal development to showbiz. A noon time show will follow then followed by either a soap opera TV or showbiz talk show. A children’s show might follow, then news then movies or another three to four hours of soap program again. Before coming to Thailand, I remember news programs being relegated from prime time to almost late night (or the cheap time slots, which is close to midnight).

Print media, as most of my Filipino readers know, tend to be mainly politics if not crime focused (well, that’s news in the country anyway). By and large, most of the print media tend to be entertainment focused as with tabloids.

News and current affairs in Thailand tend to be “sporty.”After a morning show, which is basically much like a radio talk show on TV, programs that follow will be news and entertainment. There are some noon time shows, which are almost like the Bubble Gang show in the Philippines, then these will be followed by sports news again (mostly football/soccer). Then usually news are on by 6pm. They also have soap operas here but mostly are fantasy in topic, although it differs from season to season (themes might be country to family drama). One thing I like in Thai media are the good funny commercials they have, pretty good! 🙂

Just like Thailand, most of the programming on Australian TV are sports news (football/rugby or cricket). There is a morning show, which is followed by children’s show, then talk shows from the US and then an Australian soap opera then children’s show. Programs on prime time include US TV series (CSI, NCIS, Californication, Heroes, Australian Idol among others) and Australian talk shows.


8 thoughts on “Media trends in Australia, Philippines and Thailand

  1. nice observation, jim!

    although we’d really want our news to be more substantial, most Pinoys want to find out more about showbiz personalities… sad, but true…

    m gonna add your blog to my blogroll, k? 😉

  2. thanks Lenggai. have you also noticed that Thailand and Australia are well off nations compared to the Philippines? So, would it mean that if we achieve, if and only if, economic prosperity (one that trickles down to the masses) our media trend/programming will also change?

    will add your site to my roll, too! 🙂

  3. at any rate (coz i cant both agree and disagree), i think blogging provides an alternative voice…

  4. hey jim! i made another entry in my baby blog about a particular noontime show in the phils… reminded me of your post… kelan kaya mababago pati entertainment tv trends natin, no? 😉

  5. Hmm, I never thought about media trends that much… as it relates to daily TV in Canada. I don’t watch a lot of TV. I’m pretty selective with what I watch (probably amounting to 14 hours max total/week). I don’t even tape shows (if I miss them, I miss them). I’d rather surf the net for news, blogs, etc., read a book or go to the movies.

  6. epam70 yap that’s the way it is. 🙂

    paolo Blogging indeed presents an alternative. 🙂

    lenggai maraming salamat sa pagbisita, nakakaaliw entries mo. 🙂

    Massa P. well, media trends sometimes reflect what’s happening in a country’s culture, i.e., their priorities aspirations, etc. one could argue against it but it does tell something whether its community has reached some level of maturity (as to whether it is in sports, showbiz or politics, it’s up to you 🙂 )

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