Busy, Busy, Busy… :)

Well, I might be stating the obvious but yes it’s been a very busy past few days/weeks but the good news is that my blogging hiatus came rewarded. 🙂 A poster presentation that I gave at Uni was awarded the first recipient of the Geoff Griffiths Prize and my recent introductory seminar went well (thanks to my colleagues at the trailer trash who came to listen. :)). So, many things happened in the past few weeks, Australia has a new prime minister (now I’m hearing some mates claiming to be proud to be Australians again!), Beckham-mania hit Australia while Trillanes “snapped” and holed himself with his mates in a Philippine five-star hotel, the Spice Girls were re-united and the US becomes the only developed country not to ratify Kyoto.

Thanks to Sasha, by the way, for the invitation to the Blogger Meet and Greet in Manila last 30 November. Well, for another obvious reason, I couldn’t honor the invitation but I would have loved to attend (maybe next year, given the chance). 🙂


2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy… :)

  1. aba naman. congrats sa award. having you as one of my supervisors during my Intern parang di na ako naso-sorpresa sa kuwalidad ng mga ginagawa mo. i’ve read about the new PM of Australia in the news and the spice girls reunion. yung Trillanes account nakakasawa nang panoorin sa tv, hehe. at nakakabuwisit yung mga taong nanamantala pa sa hotel at nag-loot ng mga gamit sa mga kuwarto, grabe. i am assuming you guys will be celebrating Christmas in Australia? have fun…

  2. salamat rayts! 🙂 ngayon ko lang nalaman about some looting that’s really sad. This will be my fourth Christmas away from the Philippines. Kaka-miss ang Paskong Pinoy, iba pa rin–kahit walang pera masaya ka, masayang masaya. 🙂 Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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