Australia’s population now over 20M

Australia recently announced that its population has breached the 20 million mark reaching about 21 million in a recent official census. Western Australia was the fastest growing state in terms (both in population and economy). reported that “immigration accounted for 56 per cent of Australia’s growth, while 272,900 births minus 134,800 deaths made up 44 per cent of the increase.” This is a welcome news here in Australia as there were fears before that the country might suffer Japan’s predicament of having an aging population. The Australian government has placed incentives for couples who decide to have a child giving  a “baby bonus” of about Aus$4000 for a baby (dead or alive) and an additional weekly support (if alive).

On a personal note, I can personally say that the booming economy here in Western Australia is definitely felt at the household level. Almost everybody (even as young as 12) has a chance to land a job whether part-time, casual or full-time. Now, this is an economy working.

Back home, the Philippines has breached the 90 million mark. A July 2007 estimate was placed at  91,077,287. I can personally say also that my family back home are not feeling the fruits of the economic growth that the country is apparently achieving.


4 thoughts on “Australia’s population now over 20M

  1. It’s close 4.7 million here in sunny Singapore! Thanks to influx of foreign workers. I’m not so sure if the baby bonus scheme here is effective. Read here:

  2. Hmm, that’s a whole lotta shrimp on the barbie and Tim Tam Slams being consumed. 😛

    Over 90 million Pinoys? Really? Wow. That’s a whole lotta adobo being consumed, not counting worldwide.

  3. Well Jim maybe the Australians can teach the Americans a lesson in economic growth. Things in the U.S are shitty and getting worse. Take a look at how many people are losing their homes!
    How are things in Rangoon? Have not heard anything good from there lately.

  4. Culture Shiok: I know Singapore’s population is small but I didn’t realize that it is that small! 🙂 there are lots of Singaporean migrants here in Perth, most of them living in very affluent suburbs here. so, I guess Singapore’s population might decrease eventually if most of them would prefer Australia as home.

    Massa P.: really lotta of shrimp and tim tams! 😉 there’s an increasing population of Filipino migrants here in Perth so, I won’t wonder if one day I’ll smell adobo during one of barbie parties here. 🙂

    hunterseeker: it is a puzzle why a great country like the US leave some of its citizen homeless and try to build homes elsewhere. My friend’s back in Rangoon, well, it is not reported (forgotten if you may) that most of the missing Monks have not returned (killed presumably). There was ‘good news’ during the last meeting between the Junta and Aung Sang Suu Kyi but most people believe it is just a propaganda. I will blog about Rangoon as soon as I get some news. thanks for visiting 🙂

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