Christmas in Australia’s hot

While most of the world have to deal with snow and frost, Australia is bracing for hot weather in the coming days especially on Christmas when Perth is expected to be the hottest capital city in Australia at 38oC, reported.

While Western Australia Bureau of Meteorology said that this forecast “will be hotter than the previous five years,” it also confirmed that this month is WA’s coldest on record due to cold and wet conditions brought by easterly winds. Daytime could be warm but a cold snap could sometimes be felt during night time or early morning.

Some areas of WA have experienced an average of 45 degrees Celsius but the rest of December for WA is expected to be normal, i.e., warm as usual.



7 thoughts on “Christmas in Australia’s hot

  1. I love wearing shorts on Christmas Day ! Better than shivering inside a dran freezer hehe 😦

  2. it sure is better to have a warmer Christmas! 🙂 thanks for visiting BW

  3. Hi Jim! I’m a filipina nurse scheduled to have a Bridging Course at the Hollywood Private Hospital (Nedlands) in January 14. My fiance and I are having a difficult time booking a hostel as most of them are fully booked already or super mahal naman pag hotel tapos long-term accomodation. I would appreciate any info regarding share-house or room for rent that you or any of your friends may offer.

    Merry X-mas.


  4. Hi schyla thanks for visiting my site. 🙂 I’ve responded to your email. All the best sa paghahanap, I will try as long as I’m able to assist you prior to your arrival and even after that. Cheers! Merry CHRISTmas!

  5. jim ,mom ni schyla nasa perth na sila, pero still searching for a room for rent…medyo stress na kasi me mga dapat pa sila aralin… baka maka tulung ka 14 na start nila.
    salamat tita light

  6. Thanks Tita Light. I’ve contacted Schyla and she’s found a place to stay here, will keep in touch with her for any other assistance she might need. 🙂

  7. hi jim! i am a filipino nurse who wish to apply for a bridging course in australia. can u help me inquire about it please…

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