Day Care Centers could be good for kids

Day care here in Australia could be costly especially for single parents. It is good that most parents receive some support from the government for their children’s needs. It is almost inevitable to send children to day care centres especially when both parents are working. As to what effect this might have on the child, one still don’t know until now.
A newAustralian study finds day care good for kids. The report released last December had an initial result that showed positive effect on children’s social and emotional wellbeing. The large-scale study conducted by Chales Sturt University and led by early childhood education researcher Linda Harrison found that their results differed from the United States and the United Kingdom possibly “due to consistently higher standards of care offered” here in Australia.

In the Philippines, the law on early childhood care is relatively young. Early childhood education became a law in 2000 and children enrolled in Day Care Centres around the country has since increased. As to the effect of these Day Care Centres in the Philippines, it probably will have the same effect given that the government, parents and private sector cooperate in supporting it–but of course a study is needed to validate this. 🙂



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