Another New Beginning

I wanted to start 2007 right, so I blogged about it and envisioned where I wanted to go. Let’s just take a quick look at some excerpt of that blog and what happened.

Blogging. I do hope that this year would be a better one for me. I’m looking forward to better blog entries and praying for guidance on a move later this year as I start Uni. My blogging objective is somewhat very general but a friend suggested that I write about my travels–I’m not too good at feature writing but I’ll see if it would drive me to write more. My wife and I are also looking forward for better articles on our family blogsite!

Well, blogbastic! turned one last year and I dedicated it to be a blog about news on my host country as it relates to the Philippines although it sometimes deviate a bit and still has some personal blog entries. It also sometimes have some posts that react solely on what’s happening back home, but I’m getting there and trying to be consistent to deliver readers news Down Under, trivial or not.

It was a great year also for Pinoy Bloggers as most Filipino bloggers like me, Chuckie among others have set their blog language to Tagalog, which made blog reading for Pinoy WordPress bloggers easier, i.e., finding Pinoy bloggers and finding better readership. Chuckie also took the initiative to establish a Google group for Pinoy WordPress bloggers. He elevated the interaction among Pinoy bloggers using WordPress and established a dedicated forum site for everybody. He even brought up the idea of having an independent web host for Pinoy bloggers on WordPress so that most Pinoy WP bloggers would have more freedom to ‘bling your blog.’ 🙂

The First Philippine Blog Awards was also launched last year with huge success. Preparations are underway for the second one.

2008 Philippine Blog Awards

Blogbastic! had lots of transient/passive readers but I’m glad to be of help to Pinoy Googling something about home. My most read blog post of all time is my blog on radio. It gets a lot of traffic especially when there are special events back home like Pacquiao’s fight, coup de etat’s(?) among others.

Professionally. I’m officially ending my stint as a consultant mid this year. But God willing, I would be able to receive some racket even as a student.

I’m now a full time researcher and I’m running to my fifth month of my research and still trying to play catch-up. 🙂

Personal. … My kids might skip school this year but we’re looking forward to a good stay Down Under!

My kids were able to attend school here in Perth earlier than expected. My two angels are expected to go back to school this February while my youngest will start kindy at the same time. 🙂

Thanks again readers (and to the few faithful ones!) 🙂 By the way, you might want to check my links page if your site is listed. If not please let me know. I just list my favorite blogs there and sometimes forget to notify the blog owner if they would like to link ex–well, who doesn’t like any link love?! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Another New Beginning

  1. wahh! dats the second time i read down under! hehe
    good luck sa 2008 nyo! ^_^

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