Heath Ledger, 1979-2008

The news about Heath Ledger’s death spread like fire over Perth yesterday as radio, TV and internet broadcast news about his untimely death. His family formally confirmed Heath’s death and described his death as accidental. While police downplayed foul play, mystery still hounds the cause of Heath’s death as initial autopsy were inconclusive and it might take about 10 days more to identify the cause of death of the rising star.

Heath’s first starred locally as one of the cast of a TV soap, Home and Away. His first break came when he was casted as a son of Mel Gibson in The Patriot.
Heath Ledger

His body has yet to arrive here in Perth but as with his short but successful stint as an actor some group are already capitalizing on his death and reincarnating past issues about the actor’s decision to play as a suppressed gay on Brokeback Mountain. His last finished assignment was as Joker at the latest Batman Movie, The Dark Knight. This year, he was still filming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in London.

From Chuckie

One news report quoted him talking eerily about death in one interview recently. Heath claimed that he feels he’s ready to die because of her daughter, Matilda (his daughter with actress Michelle Williams). He explained that he feels that when he dies, he will continue to live in Matilda.

For those who would like to express their condolences, please visit this site where you can post your sympathies to Heath’s family and friends.



6 thoughts on “Heath Ledger, 1979-2008

  1. Yeah, this news is spreading like fire. As a matter of fact, this is like the nth blog entry that I have read about Ledger’s dead. It’s sad isn’t? He’s got a great career ahead of him, and now, he’s dead just because of getting overdosed. May he rest in peace.

  2. Thanks Christian for visiting. I knew this post will just be one of many blogs about this rising star despite being on a partial blogging hiatus, I couldn’t resist to blog about this as people here in Perth love and are proud of this local boy who made it big in Hollywood. May he rest in peace.

  3. i knew you’re gonna feature his death in your blog. Alam mo bang ikaw agad una kong naisip nung narinig ko ito kahapon ng umaga. sabi ko, “naku taga-Perth si Heath!” hehe.

    Heathcliff Ledger is one of my favorite actors even way before. i like his personality, a good combination of looks and wit. i’ve seen most of his movies and i never even imagined that he would eventually die at such a young age. i am (so) looking forward to watch him in the movie, The Dark Night.

  4. This is for our valentine blogging activity! Have fun posting your own date of date of birth, together with the name of your love one on the first string! See my whole post and comment for more information. Have fun! (year of birth not included! ^^)


  5. rayts: irresistible talaga kasi eh, dumating na ang bangkay niya but there’s no planned public funeral service.

    foobarph: thanks sa invite. 🙂

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