Crime on the blogosphere

Well, this is off my beat but this is an interesting take on law and blogging. After the infamous battle of Yuga against a libel case against him and the fight for justice for a jailed Malaysian blogger, here’s another blogger fighting (or outwitting) the law. This blogger is certainly passionate but his passion is not welcomed by everyone.

This blogger blogs about his attraction to what he calls “LGs” or little girls. His confession of loving LGs has become a debate among lawyers and law enforcers as to how they will be able to protect the community. As one US federal prosecutor said (as this article reported) “there’s no law against someone making you feel uncomfortable.”

Law enforcers have tried to charge the blogger with minor offenses for taking photos of children in a certain school in the US. But in the words of the blogger, “I thought it was the best therapeutic thing for my own head to kind of put this out there, what I’m thinking,” he said before his arrest. “I’m determined not to do anything illegal. I haven’t done anything illegal.”

I hope you stick to your word brother. I hope you do.



7 thoughts on “Crime on the blogosphere

  1. it’s like saying temptation is not a sin unless one acts on it. ganun ba yun? pero kahit naman sinong makabasa ng blog n’ya ma-aalarma lalo na kung may mga anak na babae at maliliit pa.

    speaking of this ‘creepy blogger’ i find it funny talaga na whenever i searched for my web meter site and i point to “how do visitors come to my site” laging nag-register yung entry ko about “girls in school uniform”. di kaya lagi rin yun nag-search sa google ng mga ganoong klase ng images? hay naku.

  2. well rayts tricky nga ito’ng kasong ito. Naalala mo ba yung si Chio (Virginia Tech Massacre), madami na warning signs pero ‘di nag-act yung mga Uni authorities hanggang sa nahuli na nga ang lahat.

    Exciting pala ang mga readers mo. 😀 Baka naman legit na naghahanap ng girl’s uniform–hahahah! well, at least sa akin, puro “Philippine Radio”, “DZBB” basta sa radyo, kulang na nga lang mag-podcast ako ng balita dito or better yet, maging mirror site ng radio stations diyan sa ‘tin. 😀 well, part of the service to the Filipino worldwide (aba kapamilya!?) 🙂

  3. ibang klase naman yang blogger na yan.

  4. ang lakas naman ng loob niya gumawa ng blog na ganyan.

  5. i agree. 🙂 thanks Macnerdzcare and Melatonina sa pagbisita. 😀

  6. Creepy… I hope the authorities never relax their surveillance on him. It’s like a ticking time bomb. My sister, a social worker… deals with abused children…. and I hear way too much about these kinds of sick things… and my sis tells me pedophiles just get worse (hard to rehabilitate them)…

    That guy is a ticking time bomb… He’s entertaining his sick fetish with blogging about it. Creepy.

  7. I’m sure the authorities don’t fret on keeping a nose on him. This is the ugly side of blogging. the thing is, if you arrest this guy, he hasn’t done a thing yet but if you don’t do anything you might be suffering the consequence of a Virginia Tech Massacre, where the culprit had all the warning signs but the authorities were too slow to act. this guy’s really creepy.

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