The Word that Made People Happy


It was a word that most indigenous Australians have been waiting for more than four decades and it came at a right time. It came as a surprise that the opposition has supported the apology when it was implying weeks before that it will not agree to such moves. The nation was ecstatic and everyone was unanimous that this is the start of the healing process and Australia can now move forward. This came at a very good time when the economy of Australia is bullish and it has a new leadership with commitment.

This was the biggest issue that hounded Australia for a long time and most observers would want to see that the government would also be able to convert this gesture into action–bridging the gap between the standard of living of other Australians and indigenous Australians.

Looking at the situation of Manila, there are just too many issues hounding society that even if the government or any group were able to answer this, there’ll be another horde of issues that need to be addressed. There seem to be a trend of dissatisfaction from the leadership to the grassroots. These dissatisfactions ranges from money, political system, job security among others. There might be some honest to goodness leaders but in the end, most of “society’s villains” (all with self-serving motivations–coated with love for the country motto) will be able to knock these people out either through technicality, mere pressure or by a barrel of a gun.

The economic growth indicators of the Philippines are welcome news/sight for most economists but this economic prosperity has yet to translate into tangible benefit for most Filipinos. Blogger Dave Llorito is still optimistic that should these indicators be sustained in the next 10 years, then there might be some tangible benefit that will be felt down to the grassroots.

I hope that time comes sooner. 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Word that Made People Happy

  1. I pray that we can also start nation’s healing process. It may start with bravery to say, “sorry”.

  2. I totally agree batang buotan! 🙂 hopefully they have the courage and the dignity to do that so we can move forward.

  3. Don’t know if SBS shows the same program in WA – but on the day Kevin said ‘Sorry’ – a number of aboriginal themed films were aired. It was very compelling – after the last show – I felt like ‘Sorry’ is not enough for this people. For thousands of years they lived in this land and then it was taken from them and branded their life style inappropriate and should be socially engineered.

  4. I do feel for these people and the only thing that most of the ‘immigrants’ could not comprehend is that they have contributed to the degradation of the moral standards of the indigenous people. It would take years to correct almost a century of injustice and inequality.

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