Plain blackmail

A report over the caught my eye and I felt disgusted at how blatant some people in “forcing surrender to another party over a hovering threat to their money’s lifeline. ” The report quoted Makati Business Club Chairman Ramon Del Rosario, Jr. talking about a board member of the club who received a text message from a government official threatening to “set loose the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) on the MBC.” The threat is plain blackmail and the MBC shrugged it off welcoming any inquiry from the BIR. As expected there were denials from the government side and while throwing praises to the MBC as an advocate in tax collection, this showed that the BIR, or any other government office for this matter,could and will be used against any group or personality if they become a threat to the state (read: threat to their money’s lifeline).

As this report saw print, the Philippine National Police released an intel report of an alleged plot to kill President Macapagal-Arroyo by Islamist Terrorists. Never did the report came at a very crucial time when there are mounting calls for the leadership of the government to resign. In the midst of this controversy back home, the party–ZTE Corporation– in the middle of it all broke its silence and described the recent developments as “political circus.” While it maintained that the canceled contract was never overpriced, one would wonder, if this was true, what’s the motive of the star witness, Rodolfo Lozada, Jr., that he’s willing to gamble his life?

There are a number of calls for the truth about the contract but I think these people should address this issue in a proper venue and not just for the “aid of legislation.”



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