When the cat is away the mouse will play

As the saying goes and so what also legislators at the Australian Parliament did today as reported by news.com.au. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd spent his Friday on an official visit to an indigenous community in New South Wales that the opposition went on “berserk” to “protest against his ‘rostered day off’.”

The situation is almost similar to Filipino Congressmen Filibustering and Taiwan Parliament’s physical confrontations sans the physical contacts but full of talking and adrenalin and a number of expulsions.

An excerpt of the report are as follows:

Federal Parliament was suspended twice amid chaotic scenes today as opposition MPs brought a cardboard cut-out of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd into the chamber to protest against his “rostered day off.”

Four opposition MPs were kicked out, including one who had to be escorted from the House of Representatives chamber, as the five-hour Friday sitting descended into farce.

Australians who reacted to the report are disgusted at the development with one commenting in disbelief that “the new Parliament House childcare centre catered to that age group.” The video showed MPs almost engaged in a shouting match with an invisible opponent and seem to be kids monkeying around the cardboard cut-out of the prime minister.

One administration MP defended the new arrangement at the House saying that nothing change in the operation of the parliament and the new parliamentary sitting schedule will include “more sitting days and question times than the previous government averaged.

The new parliamentary sitting schedule has no question time (primarily question to the Prime Minister on pressing issues) did not require officials to attend on Fridays, which is the time for backbenchers to raise questions. I believe most of the Australian politicians are still civil but this seemed to be the lowest level that they went to disrupt parliament, they might a small action like the one from Taiwan?



2 thoughts on “When the cat is away the mouse will play

  1. My radio is glued for years in news.radio, the official broadcast of the parliament. I listen to it – because it’s entertaining how Aussie MPs conduct themselves in chambers – there’s regular heckling and name calling. Much like what you see in a school yard argument really – but I’m waiting for the day – someone actually throw some punches 🙂

  2. Indeed it was a bit amusing but I think you get to hear knowledgeable debates and can you believe here–you’ll be siding with the administration?? compared back home where the only logical (and moral?) bias, most of the time, is with the opposition. 😀

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