Excuses, excuses, excuses

Well even with a well managed time (or so I believe), it was quite hard chasing time, deadlines and fighting writer’s block. 🙂

As some of you know, I’m a student and at this stage, I’m currently preparing for my first fieldwork in Southeast Asia. It’s scary, sometimes discouraging but most of the time challenging but that’s not a discussion for this post–it’s just my way of saying my sincerest apologies for the long hiatus (again?).

Well, there are lots of us getting the slack on the keyboard (well, blogging, i.e.). Massa P. for one was kind enough to heed her sister’s call to blog again for the reason that she’s got lots of fans out there (well, at blogosphere at least!? well, I might jump if I see her in person sometime, somewhere–a similar feeling when you find a fellow Pinoy in a foreign land–kabayan! in this case, uyy blogger yan!at nasa blogroll ko pa! [fellow blogger and in my blogroll, too!]). Shari was also taking some time off writing but she’s slowly getting into it again and she’s also got a new theme!  Chuck, Jun and Alma are also taking it a bit slow but slowly are getting back again.

Well, blogging is hobby to most of us while some of us are getting paid, we still have a life to live and it’s just how some of us are able to tame time and feel that it’s always on our side. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses, excuses

  1. Hey Jimbo,

    Yeah… but right after I wrote that lame post (my long link love one), I disappeared again… almost 1 month now. Actually, that post was a scientific, psychological test, LOL… conducted on my readers… to determine who are the loyal ones… who’s really reading my dumb blog. I figure… the ones who commented on the post… are the ones who are still checking to see if I update. I also decided that I’m going to concentrate on reading only their blogs in 2008 and eliminate a lot from blogroll and Google feed reader.

    I might come back tomorrow (Earth Day). The Earth is calling me back to blog. Hehe. 😛

    If you read Shari’s latest post written yesterday… you’ll know that she announced that she’s shutting down Misteryosa (no more updates). But I doubt it… People always say they’re going to quit… but they don’t.

    A loyal ‘non-Pinoy’ reader e-mailed me that she plans on nominating me (if I approve it) for 2008 PBA awards… which I find really ridiculously funny. Is there an award for “Most Absent Lamest Blogger”? I’d totally win that. I haven’t given her my approval yet. Bleah, I’m flattered… but I’m not sure if I care that much.

    But maybe I should nominate all the “almost dead blogs… that used to be great”… to wake up those bloggers? Hehe. This would be a lot more fun… than me getting nominated. The more recognition I get, the more I stay away from my blog. It’s weird. Opposite effect for me.

    Anyway, glad to see you’re still updating your blog! Dude… I miss your stuff.

    Later days,
    Massa P.

  2. Hey Massa P!

    Long time. well, i guess your little experiment worked out 🙂 I enjoy the way you write, it’s like watching Oprah! LOL! well, the spontaneity comes alive and literally one can feel it. 😉

    Happy Earth Day, might blog something about it also, most of my post now are scheduled post but I try to blog about the latest news here in Perth and back home.

    I’ve learned about Shari’s ‘last post’ (though i still have to see an RIP over her blog :D) and I must say, I feel sad but happy for her. As I’ve told her, as long as she’s at peace with her decision, good on her. What I actually remember is one of your past comments here… live life and never let blogging swallow it. 😉

    About the award, well, well, well, isn’t it flattering to hear people still clamoring to nominate your blog even if you consider it ‘dead’??? It’s like nominating Elvis to the grammy’s! 🙂 (I don’t know if this makes sense LOL!). Well, this only shows the impact and quality of your blog to most of your readers–as one Filipino saying goes, it is marked on the rock (or should I say let’s drink to that with scotch on… oh well, I’m hearing pop corns popping!–corny..) 😀

    I hope you also take off again and give your loyal readers (including me!) their regular dose of true blue sweet fruityoaty mind. 😀

  3. hey Jim,

    Thanks for the mention. Yeah, have been a bit of a slack this past few months. We tried making the most of summer playing golf all over Melbourne. But yes, I’m back to blogging and trying my best to keep it up 🙂

  4. Thanks Alma! I’ve been following your blog on Google reader! 🙂 cheers!

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