From 20-20 to Top 20

A man has been charged over the weekend as a result of a police drama last Friday. The man threatened staff at the Australian Government Solicitor’s Office after an unfavorable court proceeding result. Police believed that he will return with a gun and the vicinity of the building was locked down for hours with hundreds evacuated. No gun was found.

In another news, a tragic accident literally arrived at the doorstep of a mother and her baby sending the baby flying meters away. The baby died on the spot and the man was apprehended by witnesses after trying to flee the scene. The mother received treatment for minor injuries.

One of the most talked about murder cases here in Western Australia today is the Corryn Rayney murder case. Ms. Rayney is the wife of prominent Perth lawyer Llyod Rayney. Ms. Rayney, a supreme court registrar , was found buried in a shallow grave at King’s Park here in Perth. After weeks of investigations, police named Mr. Rayney, as the lone suspect. He has denied any involvement and police alleged that he refuses to have his children re-interviewed by police again. Mr. Rayney claimed that his children are the one declining further interviews by the police.

Mr. Rayney was charged with bugging their home phone, allegedly to monitor Ms. Rayney’s phone calls. He’s now accusing police of bugging his children’s room in a recent holiday abroad.

In other news, Australia recently held its national summit called Australia 2020. The summit aims to “help shape a long term strategy for the nation’s future,” the summit website claims. It promised to bring 1000 of Australia’s brightest and best brains including actress Cate Blanchett. The 2020 resulted in a number of ideas brought to the table including call to action concerning Australia’s move to be a republic in two years.

From 2020 to the Top 20, Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance Show top 20 contestant was trimmed to only four after a few weeks of captivating routines and performances. The muli-cultural top 20, which included representatives of the indigenous people and other migrants such as pacific islanders, Filipinos, Chinese and Europeans.

Top 20 from

The top four include Jack, Rhys, Kate and Filipino-migrant Demi.

Probably one of the most anticipated sports news was the dumping of Olympic hopeful Nick D’Arcy from Australia’s Swimming Team. D’Arcy was involved in an incident with former commonwealth games champion Simon Cowley. Cowley, a fellow swimmer, suffered a repair a broken jaw, broken nose, fractured eye socket, crushed cheekbone and also a fractured palate after being assaulted by D’Arcy. Police alleged that D’Arcy was drunk when he assaulted Cowley for no apparent reason.


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