Brain snap

An Australian Football League player recently made headlines after landing a heavy left hook on an opponent few days ago. Here’s the a news video grab about that:

He admitted that his action was inexcusable and said that his ‘brain snapped.’ Later media reports claimed that his break-up with his girlfriend might have triggered his ‘snapping episode.’ The ‘brain snap’ reason was apparently picked-up by some Aussies that one motorcycle hoon who clocked 150 km/h in a 100 km/h freeway actually gave police officers that reason for his action.

One news that everybody’s brain might snap legitimately, I suppose, is the news on the impending worldwide food crisis. Australia has the highest food prices in developed countries but while a food riot is still remote, one country that a food riot is feared (or is it just rumor mongerers??) is back home–in the Philippines. However, despite the high rice and bread prices people still find reasons to smile and avoid their brains snapping. 🙂



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