Of government trust and realities

This year, Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Chief-of-Staff Hermogenes Esperon retired from army service but he wasn’t giving up on his government pension, he was ready for another post in the government and was very much ready to fill any job as a ‘civilian public servant.’ While it was expected that most of the retired AFP chief end up in another government post, the Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial team summed up the fishy motive behind the latest move. It was also here that the editorial team suggested that there is more to the quick punishment and reward of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV‘s former colleagues, who were sentenced and in record time were ordered released based on the President’s pardon.

It wasn’t because of merit or unequaled wit but just a case of a boot-licking president. After all, Esperon is arguably one of the reasons that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is still ‘holding on’ set aside the ever constant amnesia of most Filipinos. The PDIs editorial sums it all it is all boot-licking.

In this instance, President Macapagal-Arroyo was true to her promise to her faithful general as to her promise to the Filipino people, there might be some but majority might be trivial.

Another government that is earning distrust is the government of Myanmar (Burma). After stalling efforts to help its own people, it finally agreed to aid coming in but without the aid workers. They claim that they will be able to do the distribution despite lacking manpower and equipment. The UN was quick to fear that there is possible diversion of aid, thus further ‘catastrophe’ to the Myanmar people. No one knows as of this writing what is the real situation inside but the recent fire at the embassy of Myanmar in Thailand adds to the speculation that Myanmar does not want anybody snooping and discovering that its ‘control’ program is effectively working.

Down Under, however, there’s some good news despite the rising oil prices. Few weeks ago, the Federal government released its budget and despite the mixed reactions, this Pinoy Down Under could only wonder, when will the Philippines talk about surplus??



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