Photo and video sharing site to end soon

Photo and video sharing site Ringo apparently succumbed to competition and will end its service at the end of this month. Ringo is a fast and simple photo and video sharing site. In recent months, it has improved its website’s looks and services and have asked members to fill in surveys or visit sponsor sites to ‘keep Ringo free.’

Ringo yesterday sent its members the notice below:

Dear Ringo member,

After much consideration we have decided to end the Ringo service.

As of June 30, 2008 the Ringo service is ending and you will no longer have access to your Ringo account.

Members will be able to download photos before the service ends alternatively they can also order CDs of their photos. Ringo claimed that a partner, who used to host videos for them, decided to end the service. They did not state how members will be able to retrieve uploaded videos.



7 thoughts on “Photo and video sharing site to end soon

  1. uy sayang nung ringo account ko.

  2. well, i have a ringo account yet i dont really get to use it. and you know what, i got that email, too and i also sent them a thank you email in return.

  3. Sayang nga bodydetox 🙂

    Hi Kengkay thanks for visiting–never thought of sending them a thank you. 😀 I think Ringo was doing good and it was a nice photo sharing site–it’s like getting a flickr pro account but free! But there are issues like aesthetics of its site among others. 😀

  4. shet! i never received that email. how can i get my pictures back? I have thousands of them and I haven’t saved them yet. pls help. I can’t log on anymore. pls pls pls…
    drop your message at my blog..
    thank you thank you thank you.

  5. Same problem as lance, my ringo account was linked to an old email, and I recently lost my one hard drive, it crashed and I remembered uploading pics there once for some friends, didn’t use it much though and when I got to that old email I saw their email and lost my pics! 😦 Oh well…

  6. Hi Lance and Dina. I believe when they were in the process of closing down the site, they gave members a chance to download all the photos on a CD (I think their last hurrah for profit making) both of you can still contact ringo by email ( to inquire how you can get copies of your photos, i.e., if they still haven’t disposed of their servers.

  7. Gees i am well off the game but if anyone know how i can retrieve these photos it would be great if someone could let me know. I had thousands of photos but never checked it anymore as now use a different site. Anyone know how i can get them off??? if anyone know please email

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