Bit busy but will try to come back

Well, that best describes my current situation. I’m on travel for my field work. Trying to talk to farmers in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. I was in Bangkok last week, and now I’m currently in Lao PDR–in the beautiful city of Vientiane! It was nice to be back, though it would have been better if the family was with me. So, in my loneliness in quickly touring Bangkok, I ended buying a new lens for my camera and a DS game for my kids (nothing yet for the wife, but I’ll find something along the way) :). Well, hopefully I will have good photos to show you in the coming days–well head to my flickr page, that is. 🙂

till next time!



4 thoughts on “Bit busy but will try to come back

  1. wow…

    hope you could come back soon kuya.

    be safe…

  2. Salamat ayzzz! God bless!

  3. naks! travel! sarap naman niyan! show us some pics! ingat! 😀

  4. Salamat Lenggai, will post some dito or sa flickr account ko. 🙂

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