Not just another tagging game

Well, at one point of this blog, I thought I would only be writing tag chores but thank God I didn’t (it became a pain rather than fun). Anyway, I was tagged again this time but I think this is worth the time and I believe also in this endeavor.

Thanks to Jonas.

Behind the award is a wonderful story of love and survival of a little boy given another chance to live through a heart donor.

Please help raise awareness for Organ Donorship in the Philippines and abroad.

So, now I’m tagging Kengkay, Chuckie, Jun, Lenggai and Badoodles!


2 thoughts on “Not just another tagging game

  1. Hey Doms! Thanks for the welcome… I’ve started writing pare out of boredom during my trips…. do visit my site from time to time… mostly about food pare…

  2. hello pards! thanks for visiting, too! I’ve included your site on my blogroll under the food bloggers (inunahan na kita). I’ve been slack because of writing duties sa Uni. 🙂 but I’ll try to come back and be the old blogbastic again. 😀

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