WA finally gets a government

Western Australia finally got a government yesterday with the National Party favouring the proposal of Colin Barnett’s Liberal Party. The gist of the proposal is how both parties will be able to course funds to Regional WA, which is considered marginalized as most of the state funding are concentrated to the Perth Region or major cities in the State.

Prior to this decision, analysts said that whatever National Party leader Brendon Grylls would redefine WA politics. A Labor-National coalition might mean the recognition of the growing gap between the Nationals and the Liberal party. There were comments on national TV that the Nationals are expecting to have some respect from the Liberals. Mr. Grylls, however, emphasized that the National Party would still act independent despite the Liberal-National coalition. It is expected that Mr. Grylls will take a cabinet position in the Barnett Government.

The party’s election ended an Australia-wide grip of the Labour government. The recent election was also historic and was a surprise as most media and political observers said that this election was a ‘winnable’ one for the Labour government, however, the decision for a government to be set-up ended up with 60 National Party Council members.

The recent development ended the hung parliament that gripped WA politics for the last eight days after election results became clear but the federal government warned that the costly request of the National could hurt the booming economy of WA. Barnett, who previously rejected any proposal from the National Party, said that the proposal was important to boost the ailing Regions (countryside or rural WA). The diversion of funds, however, would also mean delay for most of the major projects that the Labour government has already set.

Nevertheless, I’ve admired how the election was conducted here and some analysts have welcomed the Liberal government in WA saying that it will be good to the Rudd government as it can focus on the national government and has more common things with the Barnett government than the Carpenter government.


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