Global Warming Refugee

In what could be the first of a series of trends, Tuvalu recently ‘floated’ the idea of mass migration to Australia. This was after the effects of global warming is becoming a reality in the tiny Pacific island nation, which is one of the world’s lowest lying nations.

In a special report on Perthnow, Brad Crouch wrote that the island nation envisaged that, in a worse case scenario, Australia will agree to accept its entire population but allow it to function as an independent country. Tuvalu has reported a substantial yearly gain in water level that some of its islands have literally disappeared.

Preparations are underway to alleviate any effect of global warming especially in poor Pacific island countries, which are one of the world’s lowest lying nations. Allowing a large population to enter a low population country such as Australia might be easy but giving them an authority to function as a separate nation might be as tricky, to my view, as debating the bailout for the US economy.


4 thoughts on “Global Warming Refugee

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  2. daming nangyayari, global crisi, global warming — but coz i have kids, i want to look at all of these positively.. sana may magandang solusyon sa lahat.

  3. i couldn’t agree more kengkay hirap isipin na parang walang kinabukasan para sa mga kabataan natin ngayon but I do look forward to seeing our world leaders making the right decision for all and not for their own country only. I commend Australia for taking a small initiative to reduce their carbon emissions but it is just one country that hopefully will influence others. cross those fingers!

  4. Nakakalungkot na nakakatakot ang Global Warming. Pero kasalanan din ng tao yan. Naalala ko tuloy yung sa bible- God asked Adam to work the land and TAKE CARE OF IT. Surely we have worked the land but in our urgency to extract all the good stuff out of it, we overlooked the fact that working the land and taking care of it go hand in hand.

    When I watched Inconvenient Truth, naawa ako sa mga polar bear. Syempre naaawa din naman ako sa mga tao sa time na we’ll have to face the consequences of our actions.

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