Pinoys in Oz Can Renew Passport by Post

Filipinos in Australia can now apply for renewal of their passports by post. The move came after a number of complaints from Filipinos outside the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) who were required to apply in person to renew their passports. The Embassy required personal appearance for every passport renewal applicant because of “the need to incorporate biometrics in the passport and due to the highly technical specifications” of the new machine readable Philippine passports. Filipinos who wanted to renew their passports spend between Aus$200 and Aus$1,200 to travel to Canberra because of this initial guideline from the Philippine Embassy in Canberra.

The Philippine Embassy in Canberra claimed in its website that “soon became obvious that the requirement for personal appearance when filing applications can be an expensive and time-consuming process for our kababayans.” It announced that it ‘sought’ the approval of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila to “allow for personal appearance at Philippine Honorary Consulates/Consulates General in state capitals.” 

Filipinos meaning to renew their passports will now have to spend between Aus$95 and Aus$200.

Given these facts, one will wonder whatever happened to the need to incorporate biometrics in the passport and due to the highly technical specifications. If they can authorize the personal application at the state capital’s Philippine Honrary Consulates/Consulate Generals, why not authorize the whole process of applying for passport renewal in the Philippine Honorary Consulates/Consulates General?

I’m also wondering how the pricing of services differs from one Philippine Embassy to another. If you renew your passport in Thailand, you would have to pay between THB2,250 (PhP3,063.52) and THB2,700 (PhP3,676.10). Here in Australia you are poised to pay between Aus$65 (PhP2,065.76) and Aus$78 (PhP2,479.02). If you renew your passport in the Philippines, you will have to pay between PhP 500 and PhP 700. Mailing the application back to Manila is not that expensive but I guess with the quality of postal staff we have back home, paying extra is inevitable.



13 thoughts on “Pinoys in Oz Can Renew Passport by Post

  1. dito mga total of 65 euro yung binayaran namin this year for passport renewal – for two passports na yan ha. kasama na yun yung postage stamps. renewal by post started her mga four years ago yata. at very efficient sila ha kasi mga two weeks or minsan nga one week pa lang ok na

  2. wow, aside from being efficient, bakit parang mas mura??? well, sana naman standard ang Gobyerno sa lahat ng bagay, from services to service charges. kahit mag-compute ka ganun pa rin yata papatakan, mas mahal kung saan mas malapit pa sa Pinas. 😦

  3. kasi daw mas mura naman pamasahe ninyo pauwi ng pinas, hahaha

  4. 😀 siguro nga… eheheh…

  5. buti pa kayo jan,,dito sa uk damn 120£ang bayad sa pagrenew lang sa passport na yan hay naku filipino kahit saan di parin nagbago

  6. salamat lazzysweety ‘di ako sigurado kung paano nila tinataya ang pag-presyo sa services nila. I guess it boils down to the standard of living pero kung sa Bangkok, it shouldn’t be more than double sa Pinas, pero more than eh. so diyan… hmmm… ewan pero sana with the great price we pay comes great quality service pero minsan… hindi…

  7. so thats means hindi na kailangan pumunta ng Canberra to renew ng passport? aba okay to ah..

  8. hi! I am from country Victoria and Melbourne being the state capital . I am about to renew my Philippine passport. The site given by the Melbourne consul states the need to travel to Canberra which gave me so much heart burns…I am glad to come accross this blog.

    Anyway, would like to further ask help if how do i go about it? HOping for your reply and thanks in advance.


  9. hi,Gem..Im Anne..Im very frustrated about my Philippine passport.. because it will expired this 23 of September.Im still carrying my green passport..and i wanted to renew or extension.The main problem is Im not a permanent residence yet but when i tried to call the Australian Citizenship i can get through..I spend the whole day keep ringing only the voice recording message keep answering.In my case my visa states there that before i will obtain a new passport i need to contact DIAC because my visa is linked to my passport no.which is spousal visa sub class 309.I don’t know about it on what to do,,or do i need to renew or extension to my Philippine passport or i will just wait until i Notified to become permanent residence here in Australia before i will change my passport?please help..or give me an idea what should especially,,i cannot afford to fly in Canberra because it cost too much.please reply to my email [edited out for her protection]…. ASAP.your help it would be highly appreciated..thanks

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