A year Down Under and away from the Pearl of the East

A full year Down Under and two years away from my native soil. I do miss the Philippines and this blog helped me connect with anything that’s from the Philippines and thereby relieve homesickness (I do have my family here but you miss some things that is uniquely Philippines!–balot, kwek-kwek, mami, lomi, Jollibee, atbp.).

After 200 posts, 570 approved comments, 43 categories and 387 tags, 2008 has been a wonderful year for me as a blogger. I’m ambivalent whenever I write about issues. Here in Australia a great actor, Heath Ledger, died early last year and later last year a budding Filipino actor died in his sleep (reminds you of Rico Yan). Early in 2008, Australian politics was rocked by what the media branded as “Iguanagate” and just last month before the year ended, in the Philippines, “Golfgate” or Golf’s Black Friday took place highlighting the very bad side of politics (aside from what we already know).

Australia experienced a spate of ATM firebomb attacks while bank robberies in the Philippines became more frequent and bolder as the Philippine economy grew only in paper with the effect not readily felt at the grassroots. Australia’s Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, delivered most of his election promises within his 100 days in office while it’s been more than hundreds of days since Gloria said that she’ll step down (and there are fresh moves to, apparently, extend her stay in office).

The biggest news last year probably is the global credit crisis. It saw the mighty dollar fall and institutional banks crumble. The CEOs of Wall Street has given a new meaning in begging, i.e., by coming to the US House of Representative in Jets, they later tried to change their tactics and came by hybrid cars but some of them still made a mistake by driving a hybrid car that was meant to be phased out.

Australia is looking forward to a better year in the year of the ox while the Philippines is claiming that this will be their year.

I said I was ambivalent because I was passionate to write about things that I stumble online or hear from my social network (online or in person) but sometimes it has been a burden to write about some things that you hate hearing like the case of the Golf course beatings in the Philippines. Despite these, blogging will still be a therapy and “practice” for me. It has been a great medium that united Filipinos worldwide and even connected people of different ideologies.

As everybody hope for the best for the new year, I also pray that my regular readers and “transit” readers have a better 2009 regardless where we are and whatever our status in society.

God bless us all!



4 thoughts on “A year Down Under and away from the Pearl of the East

  1. i also agree that this year would be for pinas 🙂 mas magandang pinas! tagal ko na ring hindi rin nagcecelebrate ng pasko sa pinas, almost 10 years na! and i miss kwek kwek, too, haha

  2. aha! I can see na kwek-kwek fanatic ka din pala! 😀 well, iba talaga ang Pasko sa Pilipinas, masaya kahit walang pera, masaya kahit malayo sa pamilya (pero minsan lalong nakakalungkot kasi malayo ka nga–sa kaso ng nakadestino sa ibang probinsya gaya ng mga sundalo, etc.)

  3. hmmm… not sure what is kewk-kwek but I certainly miss lomi and Jolibee.

    i do hope and pray that EACH YEAR is THE YEAR for the Philippines. Haay, sana makabawi na ng husto ang Pinas.

    i have a question, if GMA steps down, is there anyone in the Philippine polies worthy of becoming a president? i don’t know, i think i have become a cynic in the matters of politics.

  4. Hi alma, kwek-kwek ay itlog na nilaga, binalot sa harina then pinirito. Isawsaw mo sa suka with lots of sibuyas and sili–patok ang sarap! Ako din gusto ko each year will be a good year for the Philippines! At this stage, wala talaga maitutulak-kabigin para sa pagkapangulo sa Pilipinas, pero gaya ng bago umupo si Gloria, wala naman talaga makakaayos. Tingin ko kahit paano ay naging maayos nga ang Pinas sa panahon ni Ramos kaya lang masyado malalim ang kurapsyon kaya lahat ng trabaho ng kakaunting matapat na empleyado ng gobyerno ay lagi napupunta sa wala.

    Sana ay dumating din ang araw na may tatanawin tayo na tao na masasabi natin na yan, yan, puwede siya sa pagkapangulo (hindi nagmumura, hindi mahilig sa golf, hindi mahilig sa wrist band… 😀 )

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