The Beast has risen

Dubbed as the Beast, Agence France-Presse reported that US President-elect Barack Obama’s new Cadillac “is a hulking, snazzed-up upgrade from previous presidential limousines, and will give him a better view of his inaugural parade than his predecessor.”

Screen grab of the Beast courtesy of

Screen grab of "the Beast" courtesy of

The photo of the US President’s new service was leaked on the internet, the AFP reported. The US Secret Service would not give details of the vehicle’s specification as it is classified but the AFP report said that “the vehicle is thought to have bullet-proof glass, a heavily armoured body, run-flat tyres and a completely sealed interior to protect against a chemical attack.”

The Cadillac is also reportedly able to withstand a rocket propelled grenade attack.

Philippine Presidents have a bullet proof Mercedes. I remember the one used by former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos was given as a gift by the Malaysian Government. Gloria is currently using a Mercedes Benz S600 W221 similar to this one.

Mercedes S-Class (W221) Program by BRABUS

Mercedes S-Class (W221) Program by BRABUS



6 thoughts on “The Beast has risen

  1. bakit kaya hindi sila gumamit ng sasakyan ng gawang pinoy? airconditioned jeep na may karaoke bar sa loob, hehehe. sempre bullet proof din.

    • Hi Kengs pasensya na sa delayed response. may Humvee naman, so puwede ang jeep na bullet proof at katanggap-tanggap. well, sino ba may sabi na ‘di puwede, ‘di ba?

  2. Mr. President Dude is a very high-tech prez… with his BlackBerry… being the first prez to have his official pic taken with a digital camera… and that shiny car with vials of his blood for quickie blood transfusions in the field.

    High-tech, indeed, but I’m just hoping he does a good job. Canada’s economy is so closely linked to U.S. When they sneeze, we get pneumonia.

  3. wooh astigin ang kotse ni barack..hitech talaga, kaya lang kung over exposed ito sa mga tao.. di rin maganda baka kasi may magbanta sa buhay nya..

    • Hello walongbote, salamat sa pagbisita. astigin talaga, medyo parang panget hitsura dahil sa laki pero this is as close as batman’s mobile will closely be brought to reality (sans the rocket launchers) 😀

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