Thinking of migrating Down Under? Think again.

Effective yesterday, Australia is enforcing a new policy in its immigration laws. The changes virtually shuts the door for most foreign workers whose professions are not listed in the critical skills list. The Australian government explained in a fact sheet on its immigration website that the changes “is more responsive to the changing needs of the economy.”

Early last year, Australia, specifically the state of Western Australia, was in dire need of workers from plumbers, farm workers, rangers among others. However, as the world recession took its toll on the economies of a number of countries, both developed and developing, Australia was not spared.

The changes in the immigration policy of Australia will not affect those who have already filed an application. This will only affect people who are applying under the skilled migration program without a sponsor to Australia. If your occupation is not one of the 42 critical skills identified then your application would probably encounter some delays (you must consult with your immigration agent to confirm this). As this new Australian immigration policy was introduced, a Philippine senator made a press statement that he had discussed with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd “the prospects of allowing Filipino workers in the medical and non-skilled sectors.” Talking about riding the wave, the policy does include medical professionals… so should that count for his pogi points for 2010? 😉



11 thoughts on “Thinking of migrating Down Under? Think again.

  1. uy, mas naintriga ako kay chiz escudero, puro papogi nga lang kaya? medyo dumarami ang nega publicity niya ( got it not from news but from circle of friends kaya medyo reliable hehehe)

    sa new zealand marami pa rin work available. balita ko nga plano ng itrain ang mga cow para magtrabaho hehehe

  2. hmmm… intriga yan, tsismis ka naman diyan! 🙂 grabe shortage sa New Zealand, ha?! buti na lang ‘di pa sila masyado apektado ng recession. 😀 salamat sa pagbisita bernard.

  3. i think i will vote for chiz escudero if ever he runs in 2010 hehe…

  4. buti dito sa kl walang mga bagong policy na ganyan.

  5. thanks for sharing this info… but i hope matapos na ang recession… hindi lang para sa australia kundi para sa marami pang bansa…especially sa Philippines… and i hope kasabay nun eh ang mga trapo na matagal ng dahilan ng depression sa bansa..


  6. So may suggestion ka ba kung ano ang dapat pag-usapan nina Chiz at Kevin Rudd maliban sa foreign and economic policies between Philippines and Australia para di siya magmukhang pa-pogi?

  7. Hi thepurplephoenix salamat sa pagbisita. 🙂 ‘di ko naman sinabi na nagpa-pogi si Chiz dahil pinagusapan nila ay foreign and economic policies, I’m sure these were just some of the topics during their meeting. However, Chiz’s PR handlers made the wrong choice of riding on the migration policies changes in Australia and making it look like that Chiz had something to do with those changes, now that’s piggy back riding or ‘pa-pogi.’

    I have to clarify though that I don’t have anything against Chiz, met him before and admire his wisdom in the August Hall and even beyond (pero ‘di ko type sobra yosi niya) 😀

  8. who do you think is worth for presidency, is it chiz or gibo? am bother sa situation at magulong parating na election. Marami ang magaling at marami rin ang mga side comments. please let me know…
    thanks….. i’ll follow you.

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