Overseas Absentee Voting

The Philippines will hold its national election next year and with more than 1 million Filipinos working abroad, the opinion of these Filipinos away from home is crucial in possible swings in the elections.

The approval of RA 9189 or The Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003 provides the facilities for expat Pinoys to vote anywhere provided that there is a Philippine consulate or embassy where they can register and/or vote.

The Philippine Embassy here in Australia advised Filipinos in Australia to register at the Embassy in Canberra between 1 February 2009 and 31 August 2009. I inquired with the embassy as to how will other Filipinos, who are not in the Australian Capital Territory, be able to register for the OAV. An embassy employee advised me to inform the local consulate. The representative also suggested that if I could gather 200 Filipinos here in Perth and surrounding cities wanting to register, the Philippine Embassy will send a team to facilitate registration for these Pinoys.

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) said in its website that prerequisites for the registration of an overseas absentee voter are as follows:

Former Filipinos who recently re-acquired Filipino citizenship need to show their dual citizenship oath of allegiance or order of approval while seafarers need to show their seafarer’s book.

Filipinos based in Perth and nearby cities need to contact Mr. Gerald Donnelly, the Philippine Consul General here in Western Australia if they want to register for the OAV. Alternatively, if you can gather few of your friends to register please contact me and indicate how many of you will be able to register. I will then coordinate with the Philippine Embassy in Canberra and the local consulate here regarding the number of Filipinos wanting to register as OAVs.

Please register and be counted.



9 thoughts on “Overseas Absentee Voting

  1. Hi Jim,

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching on absentee voting here in Australia. I am currently located in Melbourne. I have just contacted the local consulate here regarding the necessary steps in absentee voting and I am currently awaiting their response.

    Its good to know that there are initiatives such as yours to encourage fellow Filipinos to vote.

    If you happen to encounter anyone from my side of the country wishing to register as well, please do send them my email. Once, I have received word from the consulate, I wish to disseminate the info to as many Filipinos here as I can.

    My email is n.velasquez at pgrad.unimelb.edu.au


    • Hi Noelle ,

      Im also here in melbourne. do you have a news from the consulate already regarding the necessary steps in absentee voting? Thanks so much …

      Best Regards,

  2. Hi Noelle thanks for visiting. I will certainly forward your email as soon as someone expresses interest. thanks for joining me in this initiative. this is one of the best thing we can contribute kahit malayo sa Pinas. 🙂

  3. Hi Jim,

    Please count me in, I’m a Filipino who just recently moved to Australia. I went to the Philippine consulate here in Perth a month ago. The lady in the reception did not give me further information about OAV in Perth. She just said that the nearest OAV registration and voting is in Singapore. I don’t find it okay, hehehe. I really want to take part. I want to vote.

  4. Hi Jim!

    This is Noelle again.

    I was just wondering how successful you guys there in Perth are with regards to the OAV.

    I’ve just recently contacted the Consulate here in Melbourne about it and they have not even set-up a system for OAV. More than that, they are not even sure when it will be set up.

    Its extremely frustrating especially since the deadline is at the end of August giving us less than 2 months to register.

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  6. Hi Jim

    How did the OAV go? Is it too late to register now?


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