The Master and the servant

A best selling author and columnist (so he claims. I don’t even know this guy) just made a swipe at the Philippines for claiming a stake at the disputed Spratly Islands. He did not go far to rant about the Philippines’ move to put into law its claim at Spratlys, he confronted his Filipina helper, who he claimed was a holder of International Politics from the University of Manila (in effect maligning the quality of citizen that the Philippines has).

He lectured her about the truth on who really owns the Spratlys and threatened her that if this development continues, he will not increase her salary (now think about the shallowness of the mind of this guy).

To say that the article is a racist rant is an understatement. I could not comprehend a guy of his caliber, as what he claims to be, could rant carelessly about something he does not fully comprehend. His impulsive action shows his immaturity and lack of decency on all levels. He might be a former BBC reporter and a writer for a number of English magazines but he has made himself vulnerable to ridicule of how low his state of mind is.

He went as far as threatening that if the Philippines dared to bring the dispute to a higher level, the Philippines will suffer the fate of Argentina during the Falklands War.

Reyna Elena returned the favor to this Chinese writer and called on every Filipinos both expats and local to “suck up this ugly and xenophobic Chinese remarks and continue cleaning their f****g toilets, save the water and use it to cook for their food.”

Now to this Chinese guy… Mr. Chip Tsao, that was really a cheap shot.


3 thoughts on “The Master and the servant

  1. hey, thank you for visiting. i have relatives in sydney, i guess that’s far from perth.

  2. Thanks reyna elena I admire your stand and the subsequent blog post on this issue. yes perth is about 3 hours by plane and about 2 days by car (continuous drive). 🙂 thanks for visiting, too!

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