OAV Initiative Updates (UPDATED)

I was about to update some of you about the OAV initiative here in Perth when Noelle inquired on how we were doing here. Well here it goes.

At this stage, I was able to coordinate with the consul general here in Perth. While they were helpful in some way, I’m not sure if the OAV registration is something of a priority based on what the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs has been stating. I think it is common for our embassies anywhere to claim that there has been an intensive campaign to reach more Filipinos to register for the OAV when there’s hardly any campaign at all, save for a few maybe (or is it just a PR stunt?).

As Noelle complained, even the consul general in Melbourne is at lost as to how the OAV will be set up. Well, I hope that by the time we’ll be able to reach our 200 mark target here in Perth, the Philippine Embassy in Canberra will know what to do. And we will be able to participate and will not be a mere spectator to the history-making election next year.

Despite the expected automation of the election system next year, there are some Pinoys here that have begged not to register out of frustration in the electoral system some of them expressing doubt whether the vote they will cast here will definitely be counted for their candidate.

The future might still be uncertain despite the possible improvement in the electoral system in the Philippines, but for some of us away from home, we could not just sit down and watch our countrymen just slug it out themselves, we want in and yes while there might just be a few that will be voting away from home. We will be part of election history next year, we will be counted.


UPDATE: GMAnews.tv has a good primer re the OAV registrations. It’s interesting to note that the PDF file containing the comprehensive research re the OAV was from an ABS-CBNnews.com researcher. 🙂 There are calls to extend the 31 August deadline of OAV registration to a later date–let’s hope that this call will be granted. GMAnews.tv is calling for Pinoys abroad/expats to air their stories re OAV registrations. So, I think this is a good opportunity for us to tell our side of the story and let them know that much of the hyped public awareness on the OAV is dud. Email your stories at pinoyabroad@gmanews.tv


2 thoughts on “OAV Initiative Updates (UPDATED)

  1. Hi Jim!

    Thank you for your response. It warms me that somewhere on the other side of Australia, someone else is pushing for our right to vote.

    Having received no action or satisactory answer from the Consulate in Melbourne, I’ve tried to get in contact with the Embassy in Canberra. Fortunately, the Vice-Consul replied immediately with the person to get in touch with.

    After a little back and forth phone calls, I’ve gone to the Consulate here in Melbourne and I was told that they’ve started taking registrants since last Friday. As of this week, they’ve had around 10 registrants. I’m trying my best to get in touch with as many Filipinos as possible but it is quite hard since I’m relatively new to the city. The person at the Consulate is optimistic that we will meet the necessary 200 registrants and I pray that we (you in Perth and we in Melbourne) will be able to do so.

    I too, am extremely frustrated by the lack of publicity with regards to the OAV registration and the news articles that criticize overseas Filipinos as apathetic to the cause of elections. And I agree, there is too much to be done for our country that we cannot afford to sit and watch helplessly. If by my one vote, I can help contribute, I hope that this opportunity will not be taken from me by empty promises and mismanagement of the electoral process.


    • Good to hear about the development on your end. I’ve been trying to reach some of the unions, churches and other organisations here and, God willing, we’ll be able to reach the 200 registrants, although others have expressed doubt in the OAV that they are not participating at all. Well, I don’t want to force anybody to this but will try to advocate more in the process. God bless in your effort there in Melbourne. Cheers!

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