My 2009 top 10 emerging influential blogs (UPDATED)

(Updated as I inadvertently overlooked one of my nominees’ date of first post. With all due respect to my last nominee I did have a hard time finding his archive page when I first contemplated in posting my top 10 but his blog deserves the accolade just the same. :))

When I was first introduced to blogging back in 2006, I could say that I’ve learned along the way. It was through fellow bloggers that I’ve learned more about blogging and the blogosphere.

Yes, there are blogs that really stood out, while there are also others which seem to be driven to exist because of the money that comes with it. Collectively, bloggers have shown how they could be a driving force in the long run, individually, they could also be a driving force. No matter how small, that small voice is heard, somewhere along the way.

Now, I acknowledge those ‘small’ voices but emerging influential blogs. These are my top 10.

  • The Beancounter: This blog started as a ‘personal journal.’ Lately though it has taken a twist towards something that this blogger loves to do–cooking food. He has always put his personal touch in every recipe and always lets you feel that you are in his kitchen and in every road trip to various restaurants/kitchens in the Brisbane area. This blogger is certainly a masterchef who cooks from the heart but also blogs from the heart.
  • Flamindevil: Flamin in wit and honesty. A sneak peek at how expats/OFWs spend their weeks, their feelings, frustration. It’s like reading a novel sans the rigid plots.
  • New Media Philippines: For public relations professionals wanting to know more on how to use new media, this is the place to go.
  • Adaphobic: No doubt one of the best bloggers to date and good photo hobbyist, too!
  • Dare To Speak Out: This could well be your ‘informal Inquirer’ online. While there might be some bias, it definitely has fearless views.
  • Father Blogger Dot Com: The Dad who can blog. He surely has zoomed past new (and even old) blogs that he was asked to write a few articles at
  • The Struggling Blogger: It might be ironic but this blogger is surely prolific.
  • WritingToExhale: I discovered this blog through this writing project. You can tell that this blogger really lives to write and yes, most probably writes to live. 🙂
  • PixelMinded: The photos say it all.
  • Koleidoscope: Forgive my shameless plugging but I think (though I might be proven wrong ;)) I do have some growing followers in my phlog. 😀
  • Rakito’s Mill: As with the other blogs that I’ve considered in this list, Rakito is a no non-sense blogger who will tell you everything from his heart as evident in some of his post be it just a short quote or a personal review of life, movies or anything under the sun. 🙂

I sometimes wonder why these blogs came out this ‘late’ but I realised that it gives bloggers at least 10 reasons to join this writing initiative and always look out for the year’s emerging influential blogs. Thanks heaps to all nominees.

This writing project is supported by Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, Business Summaries, Fitness Advantage Club, Events and Corporate Video, Events at Work, Dominguez Marketing Communications, Red Mobile, Budget hotel in Makati, Lucio C. Tan Group of Companies, and



21 thoughts on “My 2009 top 10 emerging influential blogs (UPDATED)

  1. YAY!

    Informal inquirer online. hahahha. Thanks for the vote. I am very honored that you have voted me and my blog to this awards.


    Inquirer is still more fearless than that of my blog. Hahah.

    Thanks again. More power to your blog.

  2. hala.parekoy maraming salamat sa nomination.

    ngayon lang ako napadpad sa blog mo. nagulat talaga ko dahil as far as i remember, hindi ka pa naman nag-iwan ng comment sa blog ko pero ninominate mo pa rin ako.

    salamat talaga. words are not enuf to say how grateful i am because of this. :p

  3. Whooww! Thank you soo much for nominating Adaphobic 😀 Nahiya naman po ako, sa description hihih. Thank you soo much. 😉

  4. am sure magagaling yan napili mo. maganda nga at maraming naengganyong magsulat lalo pat dahil may blog na ano?

    • yes, kengs last time I nominated ten, one made it to the final 10. 😀 tama ka, nagkaroon ng ibang kalayaan sa pagba-blog, ang ‘di pagsusulat na ‘di akalain ng iba na gugustuhin ng karamihan ay patuloy na nagiging malawak na gawain para maihayag ang damdamin at para kumuha na rin ng reaksyon ukol sa isyu.

  5. I’ve been here last night, pero hindi napansin ang pangalan ko hehe…

    siguro dahil sa antok at tensiyon na magkahalo na 🙂

    napansin ko lang ngayon sa incoming links sa blog ko hehe…

    thank you very much for voting The Struggling Blogger

    • 😀 well, salmat at napansin mo rin Roy. ganyan talaga ang overall na reaksyon sa mga ’emerging blogs’ passive sa umpisa then yun, may ibang akit ika nga na bigla na lang bumubulaga…. 🙂

  6. ba kilala ko ang iba jan, silay lubhang mgagaling… aawww… tagalog na tagalog.

  7. Hi Jim. Please note that the Beancounter started before May 2008. Kindly advise when you update your post on or before August 3. Please update your sponsors list as well for raffle inclusion. Thank you.

  8. Pingback: More Thank You’s Again! « Dare To Speak Out

  9. Jim, Thanks a lot for nominating my blog. Very much appreciated. “,)

  10. interesting blogs you listed there. I’ll try reading those every once in a while.
    i have a friend who writes really well and she puts it in her blog. here’s the site: it’s very nice, the craft for writing is really superb. Trust me. ehehe

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