From GMAnews.tv:

Q. Who are qualified to vote as overseas absentee voters?
A. All citizens of the Philippines abroad, who are not disqualified by law, and who are at least 18 years of age on the day of the elections. (Click here to see OAV Primer).

Q. Who are disqualified to vote as overseas absentee voters?
A. Under the OAVA, the following are disqualified to vote:

  • Those who lost their Filipino citizenship;
  • Those who expressly renounce their Philippine citizenship and pledge allegiance to a foreign country, except dual citizens as referred to under Republic Act No. 9225;
  • Those who are convicted in a final judgment by a court or a tribunal of an offense punishable by imprisonment of not less than one (1) year, including those found guilty of disloyalty as defined in Art. 137 of the Revised Penal Code;
  • An immigrant or a permanent resident who is recognized as such in the host country; and
  • Any citizen of the Philippines abroad previously declared insane or incompetent by competent authorities in the Philippines or abroad.

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4 thoughts on “FAQ on OAV

  1. teka base muna baka maunahan!

  2. i’m still having second thoughts on whether i will vote or not..layo kasi ng philippine embassy sa place ko.tinatamad ako.hehe :p

    • ayos lang yan, hanggang 31 Aug. pa puwede ka mag-isip… weheheh… ‘di ka nag-iisa (kung pampalubag loob yan, i.e., baka ma-guilty ka kapag ‘di ka nakapagpa-rehistro) hahahah! 😀

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