Three years on

From my initial effort to blog on Friendster and taking it a notch higher on wordpress, yes blogbastic has had its ups and downs. Yet three years on, we’re still Blogbastic!


We gained some attention that blogbastic became a term and someone already parked the domain (probably in the event that it becomes big in the future). The number of Pinoy bloggers on wordpress has increased dramatically since a handful of Pinoy bloggers started blogging on the tl domain of this side of the blogosphere three years ago.

Blogbastic! might not have lived up to its name (though I’m trying to pick-up the pieces these past few days) but there were certainly exciting times throughout the years including making a lot of friends (catching up with the old and making new ones in the process) and few insecure bloggers (read: e-n-e-m-i-e-s online, well, they’re everywhere!)

While Blogbastic! might has had some hiatus moments, those moments were spent living life in the real world (well, specifically trying to draft four 10,000-word chapters this year and dabbling on some social causes such as the the OAV registrations among others).

Thanks to the few but reliable readers, you surely made my day every time you have your say on some of my blog posts. 😀




7 thoughts on “Three years on

  1. Hi Jimbo. Happy 3-year blogiversary! Oh wow… my 3-year blogiversary is the day after yours (on Aug. 29th). LOL, your blog is just 1 day older than mine? How… cool. It’s… blogbastic! 😛

    I’m “trying” to snap out of my 7-month hiatus to come back on the 29th…

    A long-time reader

  2. Ah no wait… I’m wrong. Your inaugural post was on the 20th… Ah, I assumed you wrote this 3-year blogiversary post on same date as inaugural post. I stand corrected (by myself, LOL).

    • yap, that was the day, I did not stick to the date this year because of obvious reason–B.C.! good to see you drop by! ei! looking forward to your blogiversary post! I remember visiting your ‘real estate’ and… feeling alone… then I see.. the cat… waaaah…. eheheh.. no we’re cool! at least i get to enjoy your tweets and plurks! 😉

  3. wow congratutulations
    kep it tup!!!

  4. congratulations dude!for sure,there will be more blogging years to come. :p

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