Comics comes alive

In this age of convergence, it is inevitable that the various communication channels will ‘collide’ and eventually converge. I think we’ve all seen a number of examples how communication channels collide, mobile phones with camera, a digital still camera that could also shoot video, a mobile phone with GPS, laptop that can also receive TV signals among others. Well, here’s an example where print meets motion picture.

I like the cinematography of this teaser and the treatment that it gives you–a feel that it’s a marvel comics movie. Well, we all know that Disney recently acquired Marvel Comics, so I wondered whether this is an extension of that move in the Philippines?? It might sound ridiculous but that’s what came to my mind. 🙂

Apokalipto is derived from the word apocalypse which means ‘universal or widespread destruction’ ironically the teaser suggests otherwise. The child in the teaser asks ‘Apokalipto’ whether he is there to help them. Apokalipto answers “tutulungan ko kayo’ng tulungan ang inyong mga sarili” (I will help you help yourself). First concept that came into my mind-empowerment, now is this a teaser for a new NGO or a new comics superhero, a new show? Whether it came from one of the major Philippine TV stations, I’m not sure.

The end of the teaser says “kakalat na ang bagong sigla” (A new energy will spread–if I got the context right in this translation). Is it a battle cry or a new motto? Or maybe there’s a new service from MERALCO?? Well, whatever it is, Apokalipto did give us a feel of almost everything, red-hooded (Disney?), hero (a la Dragon Ball Z–anime?!) with secret identity (Marvel?). So, I think you understand now, how confused I am now but I love the video. I guess, as for everybody else, let’s just wait and see.



6 thoughts on “Comics comes alive

  1. aabangan ko din ito. nitong mga nakaraang araw nahihilig naman ako sa indie film 😀

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