Viral marketing

The advent of internet has spawned a number of new approaches in reaching a greater number of people. Whether it is for advocacy, activism and, yes, marketing, the internet could be a viable tool.

As we’ve seen even politicians have jumped into the viral marketing wagon. A video teaser, which I thought was a prelude to a new Philippine comics superhero, was apparently a political viral marketing prelude to a campaign. Philippine Senator Francis Escudero is the person behind the ‘apokalipto’ teaser as he prepares for his bid to be the Philippines’ top man next year. Here’s the reveal episode.

In the Philippines, where there’s an estimated 5.3 million internet users, this is not a bad idea but, of course, one would have to use other media to maximise their strategy. Escudero’s camp has a brilliant strategy whether they did it at the right time though will only be realised probably after the election.

Australia has invested so much in marketing that they produced a movie just to promote coming to Australia. Here’s one example of the commercials that they’ve produced for that campaign:

Viral marketing, especially on youtube, could really pay off but if you get it wrong, the repercussions could be detrimental but at the same time you might inadvertently accomplished your goal, i.e., be noticed in the world wide web. Here’s one example when a very subtle viral marketing strategy was unceremoniously pulled out.

This Danish mother is an actress, and yes, it’s a Scandinavian Tourism Board initiative. A number of people, including Denmark’s top ministers, criticised the video as ‘tasteless’ and put the Danish woman in bad light. The ‘promiscuous’ video has since been pulled from Denmark Tourism’s official website.

It might have become an example of viral marketing gone wrong but I think it was able to get some needed attention. 🙂 Whether it will achieve its objective of increasing visitors to Denmark, only time can tell.



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