Toned-down entertainment (UPDATED)

Pinoys around the world took a respite from politics as Pacquiao took world centre stage to defend his title.

If it is any indication, the ‘discounted’ price of the pay per view rate of the Pacquiao-Clottey fight seemed to imply that this is a ‘toned down fight.’ The botched Pacquiao-Mayweather fight could have easily been the most expensive fight of all time, however, Mayweather’s trash talking and beating around the bush to avoid the fight ensured that it wasn’t meant to be.

While most publicists tried hard to build the reputation of Joshua Clottey as a reputable fighter for the high-calibre Manny Pacquiao, speculations that Pacquiao will dominate started even before both fighters have started training.

True enough, the fight wasn’t that exciting, in fact, there wasn’t much to tweet about as Clottey consistently assumed a defensive pose almost throughout the fight. While, in some instances, Clottey tried to show that he was no rag-tag fighter, it wasn’t enough to give you the excitement that you would have felt while watching the Pacquiao-Cotto or even the Pacquiao-Hoya fight.

It was a lopsided fight from round 1 and there wasn’t even a heart-pounding moment even when the time for the judges’ decision came.

While the fight was happening, I wondered though if the Commission on Election (COMELEC) would prevent the broadcast of Pacquiao’s fight in the province where he is running for solon (of course, I’m being silly here). I’m sure voters are wise enough to decide who they should vote for, or am I just wishful thinking?

One thing for sure though, Pacquiao has again showed that he is a world-class fighter or should I say entertainer. 🙂

UPDATE: Here’s a clip that will go down in history as boxing’s classic or should I say sports entertainment history. 🙂 Ladies and gentlemen, Pompyang Pacquiaooo! (even Pacquiao almost spat his mouth piece laughing at what happened)


3 thoughts on “Toned-down entertainment (UPDATED)

  1. entertainer, imagine, may karaoke night na naman at sempre, kumanta din sya 😀

    • Hello Kengks! long time no see (well, sa akin yata dapat yun–long time, no blogging! ;)). ika nga ng iba total entertainer si Pacman–mapaboxing o entablado. 😀 iba na mayaman!

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