Wild storm hits Perth

A massive clean-up is underway after wild storms hit Metro-Perth yesterday. Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett, in a report by Perthnews.com, said that it was the State’s worst storm since 1994.

Thousands of home were damaged and electricity were cut as the storm started to pour after more than two months of dry spell. Some businesses shut down as the storm flooded shops and lightning struck down some power substations. Various media reports also said that elective surgeries were also called off as power services became unstable. The Fire and Emergency Services Authority said that they have received more than 1000 calls for help according to a report by Perthnews.com.

Mr. Barnett estimates that the cost of the damages could run into hundreds of dollars as impact assessment has yet to be completed. The west.com.au also reported that damages to the Perth Domestic Airport caused chaos and delays as the airport ceiling gave in from the torrential rain and hail. They also reported of homes affected by landslides at the base of King’s Park.

A number of schools are closed today because of flooding damages while some businesses remain close due to power outage. TV reports quoting Western Power representatives said that it might take days to restore power to some of the suburbs as their staff are overwhelmed by number of damaged substations or downed powerpoles. There were no reports of injury or death related to the storm.

We were caught on the road as the wild storm started, small marble-sized hail pummels our car, it was terrifying. © Blogbastic!

As the storm progress, visibility was near zero. © Blogbastic!

More than 20,000 lightning struck Perth during the wild storm yesterday. © Blogbastic!


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