Scams of the earth!

I used to work for an international organisation ages ago. In this big organisation, email is one of the most important means of communication in the organisation and the most reliable. The size of organisation that I used to work for meant that its information technology security is one of the best in the world. However, one day a human resource staff forwarded an email. It contained, as usual, recruitment requests from other sister organisations.
Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Time is running out

For climate change stakeholders—both sceptics and believers—the recent natural calamities in Asia and the Pacific is a point of discussion. For believers, this is a case of “I told you so” while for sceptics, it is just what is–“natural calamities.”
Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Wordpress without Automattic

Worpress bloggers are very blessed indeed.

For those who has been with WordPress for a long time, you might never realise how lucky you are. Some of you might overlook the wonders of Automattic but you’ll know how it feels when you blog without it. Recently, I was excited when Friendster introduced Friendster Blog 2.0 and yes the platform is in WordPress! Blogging at Friendster has never been the same again after this, or so I thought.

I was almost regularly blogging when I an incremental increase in spam comments. To worsen the situation, I had to manually delete spam comments. It seems that Friendster has only downloaded WordPress but it lacked one or two plug-ins including the ever important spam filter-automattic or akismet.

So, I guess I might have to wait and see the further improvement of Friendster’s services. It is a free service, but ei, wordpress blogging is free and we get great ‘pay forward’ services! (and its stakeholders reap the results in return).


From typepad to wordpress

Friendster recently upgraded its blog platform. The blog platform of Friendster previously was based on typepad. It is now based on wordpress, compared to the previous platform, the current platform is much more easier to customize and posting an article, photo or video is never a tedious job. Kudos to the Friendster management!

iPhone news leak was false

The Australian version of Gizmodo was rebuked by Optus for an alleged leaked info on its pricing details of  iPhone. Gizmodo reported that a tipster reported that Optus will be offering the popular smart phone on post paid contracts.

Optus and Vodafone will be offering iPhone in Australia next month. Optus has started receiving reservations for the phone though those who reserved are not obliged to buy the phone when it comes out on July 11. Both companies have yet to release pricing details on the pre-paid iPhone.

In the Philippines, Globe will be offering iPhone on post paid plans but there are plans to offer pre-paid plans on iPhone according to a report by Yuga.


Optus to have iPhone

A Philippine Mobile Network announced that it is one of the first mobile phone service providers in Asia to bring the most anticipated phone of the decade, the iPhone. According to a report on, Globe Philippines will exclusively offer iPhone in the country while Optus will carry the smart phone in Australia and Bharti in India. Both Optus and Bharti have yet to confirm the agreement which was said to have been finalized yesterday.


UPDATE: Optus confirmed that it will be bringing iPhone to Australia.