Shark attack in WA

WA rescuers are searching for a man reportedly attacked by a shark.

A media report claimed that a man was swimming at Port Kennedy dog beach with his son when the former went missing and believed to have been attacked by a shark. Another media report said that witnesses claimed to have seen a violent activity in the sea and reported seeing ‘blood in the water.’ Police are still searching for any signs of the shark or remains of the man.

There have been 91 reported shark attacks in Western Australia, 14 of which were fatal. The last fatal attack in WA was reported on 2005 in Houtman Abrolhos Island. Australia is famous for its vast coastline that you can find any beach for any purposes, be it surfing, snorkeling or just plain swimming. However, it earned a bad reputation for threat of shark attacks for beach goers.

However, the Australian Shark Attack File argued that “the statistics do not support these contentions.” It explained that the cases of attacks are small compared to the number of tourists annually visiting Australia’s beaches. It claimed that “there have been only 60 human fatalities (1.2 per year) in Australian waters from shark attack.”

In the Philippines, there have been four shark attacks reported last month, one of which was fatal.