Five years on…

March 2006 was when I first officially tried to make a mark of chronicling my thoughts online. This was when Friendster used to be a bustling online hang out of friends. Lynette was the one who introduced me to blogging after, if I remember it right, she distributed her poetry booklet(?) through email (yes she spammed me! LOL! Love you Lynette ;)).

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Looking back and moving forward

I almost forgot that the year has changed and that a new decade is beginning. 2009 has been a busy year for me and while there have been a number of things that had happened here and back home, there was not much time to stop and blog about it. For me, this made me think more about this blog. There were a lot of things—very big things actually—that I failed to document. One way or another, it was not much of a problem as I was too busy with the real world living my life and trying to cope up with its challenges. However, at some point, it made me think—am I a selfish bugger? I usually read from other blogs to learn from the experience of other bloggers—be it in life, academics, photography among others.

One thing is certain though my blog did not live-up to its name. Whether this year is any different, we (if there’s any reader left out there) just have to see. In the meantime, please visit my photoblog which I’m also trying to revive. Thanks!