The business of War: RPs Abu Sayyaf

Terrorist group Abu Sayyaf threatened to behead one hostage if their demands are not met. The terrorist group’s demand was the withdrawal of the Philippine military from some areas in Jolo where they are holding three Red Cross workers (Two foreigners and one Filipina) unless stakeholders paid ransom money.

The military complied, however, it did not satisfy the terror group as the latter claimed that it was not in the specific areas that they requested.

The vicious cycle of events in the deep south of Mindanao continues and everybody wonders why Abu Sayyaf is so resilient. Some people might blame poverty that this group, hiding in the guise of fighting for ideology and faith, has resorted to banditry.

However, it is not only the Abu Sayyaf that might be the root of the problem the military has its own share of the problem since it has not acted proactively in solving the high profile bandits, i.e., the Abu Sayyaf.

Whether the military will claim lack of logistics, training among others could be anybody’s guess. And I guess this is the reason they have insisted on keeping the assistance from the US.

A Mindanaoan colleague told me, the problems in Mindanao all boils down to money thus the persistent graft, corruption, lawlessness and human rights violation.

But with the need for money comes ignorance (stupidity, foolishness, etc. call it whatever you like) that these bandits are targeting innocent people (remember the priests that they kidnapped and the children before this current crisis?). They are so mentally disturbed that they would even hurt people who would be willing to go their way in trying to help, even the Abu Sayyaf.