Isang Milyong Bayani ang Mamartsa Ngayon

ImageSa ngayon ay alam na ninyo ang animo ay pag-aaklas ng mga Pinoy laban sa katiwalian sa Pilipinas. Kumulo ang mga pangyayari dahil sa isang sumbong ukol sa lagi na nating nirereklamo–ang pork barrel. 

Ngayong araw ng mga bayani ay may mga bagong bayani na lalabas upang ipadama sa pamahalaan na ayaw ng karamihan ang dayain, alipustain at bastusin ng ganun na lang. Kaming mga Pinoy expat ay nakikiisa sa mga bagong bayaning pupunta sa Luneta.

Sa takot ni PNoy sa magiging resulta ng pagtitipon ngayong araw na ito ay inunahan na niya ng anunsyo na kanyang “bubuwagin” ang Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). Alam naman natin na pinilit buwagin ang “pork barrel” pero lagi, palagi na lamang na ang suma ay ang pagpapalit lang ng pangalan. Ang pagiging kumplikado at supistikado ng paraan ng pandaraya at pagnananakaw sa mamamayang Filipino.

Ayon ako na kailangan na buwagin ang pork barrel o kung anuman ang tawag mo diyan pero malamang ay mahirap na basta-basta tanggalin ito sa ating sistemang baluktot gaya ng nakaugat na korapsyon sa ating kultura. Kung totoo si PNoy sa kanyang panawagan na buwagin ang pork barrel ay tama ang kanyang panawagan ng “transparency” at “accountability”. ‘Di natin basta-basta mabubuwag ang pork barrel hangga’t ‘di natin naayos ang maliliit na detalye na kailangang maayos sa gobyerno. Sa puntong ito isang Facebook user ang nagpaskil ng kanyang opinyon ukol dito. Suma ng kanyang opinyon:

The Abolition of pork barrel system cannot be done overnight. The decision of the President is the most prudent move, given the inherent limitation that the system allows. The important thing to do is to not let up.

Gayunpaman, ako ay sangayon na kailangang mawala ang pork barrel. Mabagal na proseso subalit kung magawa ng tama ay maayos din natin ito. Kung malapit lang ang Luneta, siguradong sasama ako sa Milyong Martsa Laban sa Pork Barrel. Kahit ano ang edad mo, dapat nandun ka rin.

Kahit nasaan ka, makiisa. The world is a global village and with social network, it is just one barangay.


Five years on…

March 2006 was when I first officially tried to make a mark of chronicling my thoughts online. This was when Friendster used to be a bustling online hang out of friends. Lynette was the one who introduced me to blogging after, if I remember it right, she distributed her poetry booklet(?) through email (yes she spammed me! LOL! Love you Lynette ;)).

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

The Push for a Blogging Association

Blogbastic is on (a very long) hiatus but I am “plurkbastic/twittertastic” in ‘short,’ I am active in microblogging. Microblogging gave a good alternative to a bit time-intensive blogging here at blogbastic (not that I’m complaining, I love writing but I am busy trying to finish my thesis). Microblogs provided me with an avenue where I can post anything about current events here and back home (Got hooked also on instagram lately! You can find my posts here.) However, recent events are provoking me to resurrect Blogbastic! I will roll (hopefully!) those posts in the coming weeks. As I try to slowly blog again (here, that is), I think it is fitting to blog about blogging. This is a way delayed reaction when most of the bloggers are winding down discussing the issue of Willie Revillame, Merci and Marcos’ burial among others (well, old news by the time you read this).

When the buzz about a bloggers association in the Philippines came alive, I decided to just watch the exchanges. After all, I was on blogging “hiatus” anyway and I am really not familiar with all the issues presented. What I know is that the call for a blogging association was reignited when a mainstream journo/columnist revealed that a public relations firm in Manila has a blogger in its roster. The blogger allegedly threatened a restaurant owner of giving it a bad review unless they give in to his/her demand. This incident, as they say, opened a can of worms and gave Pinoy blogging a bad name.

As Ms. Janette explained the vision to have a bloggers association in the Philippines was discussed about two years ago. Who wouldn’t support the idea? There were already groups of bloggers nationwide who formed their local associations anyway. And as pointed out by other bloggers, these bloggers associations are very active that some have regularly sponsored Word Camps and bloggers’ training in their localities or Region. While some associations or informal group persisted some group died naturally. However, I reckon that the purpose of forming a bloc persisted, i.e., promote blogging and support one another technically among others.

Some bloggers had merits in their decision not to join this initiative while others have taken a (very) personal reason not join, which I really pity. I think I have nothing more to add to the issue. If you want to read more, following are some links to some good reads about it as suggested by Jayvee:

I am not aware of any bloggers association here in Australia but I am aware that there was a bloggers’ conference held recently. This is different from the Word Camp of WordPress. My point here is they did not need an association to organise a big event. They were united by the blogosphere. However, the case of the “big bad blogger” should be treated as a red flag for every Pinoy blogger anywhere in the world. We know that one person or group can manipulate laws, regulations, policies or guidelines in the Philippines. So, the idea of a National Bloggers Association might be a good one. I think we need it to protect ourselves and help one if one needs it.

I do question, however, how the “manifesto” was circulated secretly and this does not sit well really to most bloggers, I reckon. While Tonyo explained the move behind this, I think this inadvertently showed that blogging used to be a class A-B activity and the move to ‘circulate’ the manifesto to a ‘chosen few’ implied that those at the C, D or E might muddle the thing. Despite this however, I strongly believe that it is in the best interest of everybody, whether you’re against it or not, to get the ball rolling. As I have pointed out earlier, unless we can trust our lawmakers and/or we are certain that there are laws that can adequately protect bloggers, then certainly we do not need any association that will promote and protect our rights as Pinoy bloggers.

If you agree with me, I believe it is time that you sign up  now. I just did.

Decision 2010

I wrote this article long before the May 10 2010 elections. Decided to update and upload.

Filipinos overseas have trooped Philippine embassies worldwide to cast their votes. There were reported glitches in some areas however the overseas voting went well smoothly, generally.
Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Pacquiao proves he’s world class

Pacquiao did not waste any chance nor mocked around and showed the world that he is truly world class.

Manny Pacquiao knocked down reigning IBO and Ring Magazine light welterweight champion Ricky Hatton. Hatton claimed that he will be able to defeat the Filipino fighter with Oscar De La Hoya suggesting that it will be a one-sided fight for the British. Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, remained optimistic and gave a fearless forecast that Pacquiao will win.

While the fight wasn’t long enough to give ticket holders and pay-per-view viewers a reason to hold the breaths and be entertained enough, it was surely a good six minutes of boxing that will long be remembered and for Filipinos was just satisfying.

British media, however, were slow to pick-up on the news and described Pacquiao as brutal. Some British readers of BBC suggested that the win was expected as “Hatton is not the fighter he was” because his “age and lifestyle” deteriorated the best of his boxing skills. There were some suggestions that Pacquiao also had an unfair advantage during his non-title fight with Oscar De La Hoya.

Well, despite these suggestions Pacquiao is optimistic that he will continue fighting giving his “100%” in every fight.

Closer to home, the Logie Awards is the biggest news (aside from the Influenza A/H1N1 outbreaks) today. The Logie Awards is the TV industry awards here in Australia. More re the Logie Awards here.