Scams of the earth!

I used to work for an international organisation ages ago. In this big organisation, email is one of the most important means of communication in the organisation and the most reliable. The size of organisation that I used to work for meant that its information technology security is one of the best in the world. However, one day a human resource staff forwarded an email. It contained, as usual, recruitment requests from other sister organisations.
Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


The World at Risk

The UN recently reported that there is a dire need to act on the world’s global warming. Their message, simply put, is we can do something with climate change (without having to dive into the inconvenient truth) if, and only if, everyone takes the cudgels for the environment and invest towards a more sustainable management of the environment and global warming.

The Carbon Monitoring for Action website, which hosts a wealth of information on global warming placed Australians as the worst producer of CO2. The reports that Australia “produce(s) 11 tons of CO2 for each of its people from their power plants — the highest anywhere — compared to 9 tons per person in the United States and 2 tons per person in China.” However, the US tops the worst CO2 producing country in the world with China nearly overtaking it.

A former colleague in the UN once told me that developed countries, including Australia, are holding back on the Kyoto Protocol as they have forwarded a number of reasons from job loss to economic slow down. There is double talk from the side of developed countries as they want developing countries to achieve “developed” status, however, would not want to compromise on climate change issues.

Let me explain my point, economic development is almost reciprocal to CO2 emission, i.e., if one country has to develop, it has to increase production of goods, which developed countries would not want to compromise. If there are countries that have the ability to address climate change, it is developed countries. Developing countries are basically telling developed countries, you’ve had your chance to develop, why not give us a chance and it was “them” who have (mainly) caused global warming (industrial period to present).

Global warming is one of the big issues here in Australia. There is a big chance that Australia’s position might change if Kevin Rudd wins the election (although recent blunder by the party’s supposed environment minister is quite worrying, I’m still hoping that it will definitely ratify the Kyoto Protocol). As to the rest of the world, it seems that it’s just like taking drugs, one knows the dire consequence but are still willing to take “the plunge” and suffer any consequence, even if it means taking its own life. God help us all.