Not a Happy Jan After Blog Suspension

After more than two years of hiatus, I decided to revive my blog life on what I thought was a perfect timing–the anniversary month of Blogbastic or seven years since I started blogging. August is the Philippine National Language month, so I thought it will be better to blog in Filipino partly to celebrate the occasion. What a great comeback post it would have been as I blogged about the very political Philippine Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). I was calling on fellow Pinoys and expats to support the call for its abolition or any move towards a more transparent and more responsible way of assisting poor Filipinos.

Alas, after about three hours from posting (probably less than that), a friend gave a heads up that flagged my blog as violating its terms of service  and advertising policy. This is what I saw on my dashboard.

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 3.13.38 PMI checked my blog. My horror to find out that after more than five years of active blogging on and on the 7th year anniversary month of my blog, Blogbastic fell silent.

Blog was suspended due to alleged violation of TOS and advertising policy

Blog was suspended due to alleged violation of TOS and advertising policy (Click on image for a better view)

I panicked and was emotionally stressed because of this. I thought one of the minions of the Philippine government got hold of my post and flagged my blog. So, I messaged from my dashboard and here. I also could not help it but rage tweeted about this. The timing could not be perfect as it was night in the US. So it took 15 excruciating hours of Blogbastic’s silence for them to get in touch with me.

Finally, Kris from emailed me and said that my blog was flagged by their bot but he failed to explain how and why my blog was flagged. My long time hiatus probably sent red flags to the bots and given that I blogged in my Mother Tongue and had so many links in my earlier blog post, it may have been enough for the bots to pull the trigger.

I’m just glad that I’m back and hopefully blogging away again, this time till death. 😉 😛 Oh and I’ll blog again in Filipino next time. 😀


WordPress without Automattic

Worpress bloggers are very blessed indeed.

For those who has been with WordPress for a long time, you might never realise how lucky you are. Some of you might overlook the wonders of Automattic but you’ll know how it feels when you blog without it. Recently, I was excited when Friendster introduced Friendster Blog 2.0 and yes the platform is in WordPress! Blogging at Friendster has never been the same again after this, or so I thought.

I was almost regularly blogging when I an incremental increase in spam comments. To worsen the situation, I had to manually delete spam comments. It seems that Friendster has only downloaded WordPress but it lacked one or two plug-ins including the ever important spam filter-automattic or akismet.

So, I guess I might have to wait and see the further improvement of Friendster’s services. It is a free service, but ei, wordpress blogging is free and we get great ‘pay forward’ services! (and its stakeholders reap the results in return).