Five years on…

March 2006 was when I first officially tried to make a mark of chronicling my thoughts online. This was when Friendster used to be a bustling online hang out of friends. Lynette was the one who introduced me to blogging after, if I remember it right, she distributed her poetry booklet(?) through email (yes she spammed me! LOL! Love you Lynette ;)).

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Bit busy but will try to come back

Well, that best describes my current situation. I’m on travel for my field work. Trying to talk to farmers in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. I was in Bangkok last week, and now I’m currently in Lao PDR–in the beautiful city of Vientiane! It was nice to be back, though it would have been better if the family was with me. So, in my loneliness in quickly touring Bangkok, I ended buying a new lens for my camera and a DS game for my kids (nothing yet for the wife, but I’ll find something along the way) :). Well, hopefully I will have good photos to show you in the coming days–well head to my flickr page, that is. 🙂

till next time!


My Workplace (Another Tag Game)

Got tagged by Chuckie a few weeks ago (pasensya na Chuckie). Took me a while to answer back as I keep forgetting my my camera. Well, as most of you have read in Chuck’s entry, this tag game is quite simple, just post a photo of your work place and that’s it. However, for me it took me a while, as aside from the forgetfulness alibi, I still don’t have a permanent work place at the Uni.

So, in short, not only did I need to address our being NPAs but I also have to settle my permanent work place. Anyway, here are photos of my work place, the trailer trash!
Magpatuloy sa pagbasa