Five years on…

March 2006 was when I first officially tried to make a mark of chronicling my thoughts online. This was when Friendster used to be a bustling online hang out of friends. Lynette was the one who introduced me to blogging after, if I remember it right, she distributed her poetry booklet(?) through email (yes she spammed me! LOL! Love you Lynette ;)).

I did enjoy blogging however, as I’ve learned along the way, a lot of insecurities bugged me. The ghosts of my past—from thoughts of not being able to express myself properly, misguided outline to glitches in grammars. I persevered somehow but writing became sporadic until last year.

I had a good reason to blog less because I was writing more. In case you’re confused, I am trying to finish my long overdue thesis. To give you a preview of how near I am to finishing, visit this blog (cue in sound of crickets in the night).

Despite the discouragements, heartaches and close to manic episodes, I am still positive that I will still be able finish writing. I have attended a lot of seminars on writing and recently joined a writer’s support group. Now, I just have to be consistent in writing. If you’re writing almost the same topic over and over, it seems like an endless interrogation that you agree to every suggestion that anyone gives. It feels like people are poking arguments at me that I did it wrong, you’ve got to do this again and, as I am a “friendly” writer, I give in to almost every suggestion thrown at me. So, I suppose you can imagine what I had to go through just squeezing in all those ideas that sometimes didn’t fit.

In the end, I blame myself for putting myself in this quagmire. But on second thought, I might be too harsh. If I think hard, I do still enjoy research especially if I go back to the reason I let myself into this. The feeling was similar to what I had when I started to study DevCom at a state university back home. I had a noble goal, i.e., the grassroots stakeholders in the Greater Mekong Subregion stand to benefit from my study.

OK, I’m aware that I am already off track. So going back to the topic, yes, it’s been five years since I first blogged. I moved to wordpress on August 2006. I’ve lost a lot of online friends along the way because of my intermittent blogging although Massa P. and Doc Jun are some of my most loyal online friends I’ve ever had. Five years on I’m still enjoying blogging albeit at another platform—microblogging on Plurk and Twitter. I have made some good online friends but missing my good old ones (misteryosa, Ezraulo, Spilling my own thunder and Milking the cash cow among others).

Now cheers to another five years. I leave you with a music video, the message of the song might not be related to my topic but I just love the song and it might probably fit still… Blogbastic is five years!


14 thoughts on “Five years on…

  1. great to look back ano???

    • Hi Keng’s! ikaw ang isa sa mga nami-miss ko online, sorry bihira makabisita, medyo busy talaga. really good to hear from you. 🙂 salamat sa pagdaan. 😉

  2. hi jim, binisita ko yung blog mo mga ilang buwan ang nakaraan, akala ko iniwan mo na rin ang blogging world e. medyo napabayaan ko din yung blog ko pero balik ulit, kakaiba ang feeling e. hope to read more updates from you.

    • Hi Kengk’s, I do agree, iba ang feeling! 😀 problema nga lang, I was writing more lately but I do hope to do more blogging as I still find it as a therapeutic outlet 😉 kita-kits as usual online, I’ll be visiting my RSS feeds more often para wala ako ma-miss sa posts mo! 😀 God bless!

  3. Congrats Blogbastic! 🙂

  4. You’ve been blogging since 2006 pala, I wonder why our blogpaths didn’t cross until now…

    Continue writing, our online journals never cease to surprise us with the things we’ve written in the past 🙂

    Happy five years!

    • Hi Janis, oo nga, I guess it’s my bad, kasi ‘di ako masyado masipag mag-blog surf eh 😉 were you with WP Pinoy? that’s where I met most of my online friends, it was like a big dabarkads hahaha 😉

      • Nachallenge ako sa >> tugon at sipiin

        I wasn’t a member of WP Pinoy, I was blogging via and yun siguro yung reason… most of my friends from multiply, until now, we see to it na at least yearly, nagkikita kita pa rin kami, it was like a family too..

        All the while pala, while we’re savoring the hype of multiply, there’s WP Pinoy na probably as lively and as happy 😀

        • I haven’t EBd members of the WP Pinoy. Si Chuck ang one of the leaders nun dati pero tama ka masaya din kahit online lang nagkikita-kita. Pero may EB event din yata, can’t remember na. 🙂

  5. glad i found you here in wordpress too! surprising nag 5 years ka na and di ako natalisod dito. pero siguro ako lang ang nag abandon ng blog ko ng ilang taon din. fb page was where our paths have crossed. (ka-perth!)
    see you online jim, i’ll link you up!

  6. Dito ka rin pala sa Perth! 🙂 added you in my blog roll already if you haven’t noticed. 😀 mas naging aktibo ako sa microblogging but I still believe this is a better venue for some issues that you just can’t say in 140 characters

  7. i was there. but now im here. (kuha mo?) hindi? hahaha! joke.
    nagstay lang ako jan last year ’til march 2011 with hubby. nasa pinas ako ngayon habang inaasikaso ang spouse visa. hopefully, ma lodge soon. and i was the one who inquired about murdoch university sa fb. salamat sa response!
    yay! you added me sa blogroll mo, tenks!

    • oh yeah, now it’s all coming back to me now (naks parang kanta!) hahaha… it might take a while for your visa approval pero ‘di mo din mararamdaman ang tagal huwag mo lang hintayin, gets mo? 😉 anyway God bless and keep in touch. thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll, too! 😀

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